Monday, 3 December 2012

I fear the elves may take industrial action ...

When all else fails there is always glitter!
Am a bit concerned that the resident elves at the Christmas Card Sweat Shop Factory that has been set up in our sitting room may take industrial action.  Having rather underestimated demand, elf working conditions have fallen and I am sorry to say the quality of the product has seriously declined!

I thought I had been ever-so-organised writing our card list in November and we had lots of fun producing top quality Rudolph cards based on a fab idea from Jennifer's Little World.  But being a nursery-novice - last year littl'un was in the baby room - I was utterly unaware of Santa's special post box at nursery into which we MUST put Christmas cards for ALL of littl'uns friends!

So as in all craft related disasters we resorted - I am afraid to say - to a mummy-cut-out template and huge quantities of glitter.  Not completely convinced that having covered our own floor with glitter we will be thanked for covering everybody else's with the same but they do look pretty and we did - with lots of help from grandma - manage to ratchet up productivity sufficiently to meet the last minute order and we've got the first batch in the post!


  1. Came via the blog hop. I totally agree about glitter. When all else fails... It's one reason why Christmas is such fun. You really can't fail with all that glitter around.

    1. Stocked up yesterday on another four pots :-)


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