Sunday, 9 December 2012

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree ...

Christmas Tree
Ahhh, doesn't it look lovely! Unfortunately, behind the photographer's back mayhem!

This was the year mummy discovered that it is a really bad idea to bring downstairs an enormous box that contains not only Christmas decorations but assorted paraphernalia from birthdays, halloween etc past - paraphernalia sounds slightly dubious doesn't it? - and then try and decorate the tree on your own bar the assistance of a not quite three year old.

Littl'un decided quite quickly that despite her enormous excitement at the prospect of putting up the tree, the actual activity was dull as getting anything to stay on a prickly branch when you're two is tricky and delighted discovery of the prettiest baubles was accompanied by a chorus of "Be careful!", "I'll do it", "Put it down", "NOO!" from mummy.

So she left me to it and explored the birthday stuff instead.  She happily laid the sitting room floor with all the plates, bowls, napkins, cups and straws for Gruffalo's birthday party.  But then in search of food for said party she unfortunately alighted on an enormous chunk of polystyrene that when crumbled up into ever so tiny pieces was perfect cake.

She was delighted by her invention so I wimped out and rather than, as I am sure I should have done!, engaging her fully in the tradition of Christmas tree decoration, I left her to it for a happy hour until we had a tree beautifully decorated with the fir cones, mini trees and pom poms we had lovingly made and a sitting room floor beautifully decorated with hundreds and hundreds of bits of polystyrene ....


  1. the tree looks lovely! How funny about the polystyrene - we've had soooo many times that has happened. x

    1. There are so many battles you can fight at one time aren't there?


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