Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A New Year, a new broom ...

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Last year I had a go at a daily housework routine.  It was meant to be quick and easy but still stop the house descending into daily chaos.  It kind of worked.  But inevitably as soon as I blogged it, I fell unceremoniously off the wagon and despite various attempts to scramble back on, something always seemed to get in the way and I am still drowning in the disorder.

Full of New Year good intentions delusions I'm having another go.

This time it's going to be much, much simpler.

I'm dumping the rigid schedule for a set of daily habits. I've ordered them by what I reckon makes the biggest difference to the house and each week I am going to try and "master" one of them until it's so hard wired in my brain that I can do it well but really, really, really quickly on auto-pilot.

Now I may be over optimistic at times but I'm not completely delusional.  I know I will "fail" regularly, so firstly, I will celebrate what I do rather than feel bad about what I don't and secondly, I will arm myself with some cod psychology to fight that nagging little voice that convinces me to do anything other than housework! I reckon if I note down the big benefits of each habit and some rapid rebuttals for my tired excuses I'll be able to drown him out.

Finally, I've turned my dull list into a lovely "mummy reward chart" and if I complete my chart I get treats :-)

So here are the top 12 daily habits that will make my life easier if I can but do them everyday ...
  1. Run dishwasher
  2. Empty bins & compost
  3. Whizz around kitchen 
  4. Quick clean bathroom basin & loo
  5. Make beds
  6. Keep on top of towels
  7. Put clothes away 
  8. Pack tomorrow's bag
  9. Prepare clothes for tomorrow
  10. Back-up laptop & charge laptop, phone & mobile
  11. Open mail as comes in
  12. Polish shoes
I am going to blog each week on my habit of the week so if you would like to join me in my 12 week domestic dummy "make over" do give me a shout.  Or if you're already a proud domestic goddess and have tricks and tips for a sparkling home in no time flat please, please do come and share with us lesser mortals ... :-) ... on Twitter and Google+.

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  1. GREAT habits!! These are all ones I strive for too - the daily housecleaning schedule totoally does not work for me either. Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. I'll be featuring this on my Facebook page. Happy Sunday!
    Jenn :)

  2. Love the blog and the party and Jenn. Big thanks for the Facebook feature - I adore the Christmas photos on your FB page Alice x

  3. Visiting from "Whimsy Wednesdays". This made me laugh out loud! (LOL? No but really…) I am a Mama (yeah, that's "Mummy" in the deep South for any of you across the great Pond) to three boys, work full time AND have this blog thing going on… So most days I feel like my head might explode and that nothing got done! Off to follow on FB & Twitter so I can hopefully keep up with your fun posts. Sure beats unloading the dishwasher.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hi Claire - it's always good to raise a chuckle :-)

  4. Well I popped over from twitter to say what I already said there ;) hubby is dd's main carer and the housework dude. He does about 2 hours a day, cleaning, hoovering, tidying. We don't have a dishwasher. I don't include cooking in that time. I cook at weekends. We take it in turns to do the shopping ;)

  5. Every little thing definitely makes a difference. Once you form a routine it help out a lot. The only thing I don't have conquered with keeping my house PRESENTABLE (NOT COMPLETELY CLEAN) is the laundry situation.

    1. The laundry, the laundry, the laundry ... does go on and on and on doesn't it! Endless!

  6. Hello, great blog, I had a lot of people saying they'd try some of the tips I put in my blog! My daily tidying up the lazy way! hope it helps :)


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