Monday, 25 February 2013

I'm packing my bags!

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It is week 8 of my domestic dummy makeover and I really can see the benefits - just a few weeks of keeping the towels in the bathroom and putting clothes away has cut the laundry load big time!.  My airing cupboard doesn't know what's hit it - it's so full of clean towels!

There's nothing like a bit of success to get me motivated - so I'm all up for tackling this week's crunch point which is to pack for tomorrow before going to bed.

Again it's a simple thing, but it doesn't happen and not doing it makes mornings plain horrid!

It's not that I am sitting round doing nothing in the evenings - quite the opposite, I try to squeeze as much work and blog time as I can into those hours after littl'un is in bed.

And then, I am in such a frenzy to finish everything before I fall into bed, that I don't stop and take the few minutes needed to get my bag straight with the basics it always needs plus anything specific for the next day.

The result is panic the next morning running up and downstairs trying first, to remember everything we need and then to find it. So not a good way to start the day!

So to help me out I've made myself a nice little card listing all the "bag basics" that I can easily check to remember what I need and then I am going to work really hard to:
  1. Put everything back in the bag when I come in rather than scattering it around the house
  2. Take 5 minutes before bed to check I have all the basics plus - after a quick check of the diary - any specific extras needed for the next day 
I can only say - as ever - how hard is that?

Whether you're a domestic goddess or a beginner like me you'll find lots of great ideas for organising the house on my pin board ...

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  1. Great idea -- I can see that would make the next morning so much easier!

  2. Fantastic idea, I'm going to have the kids do this too


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