Monday, 11 February 2013

Towels stay in the bathroom!

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I'm half way through my domestic dummy makeover and I promise you it is making a difference.

I don't manage to do everything every day - some days I barely manage one! - but I just keep plodding on.  And slowly, slowly, slowly the house is becoming less chaotic and just as important, I am less frenetic and frustrated by it all.

One big thing I have realised, is that you have to focus on the things that really make a difference to you - it's no good trying to clean the sink every day if it doesn't bother you that it's not absolutely sparkling!   I had to work out my own crunch points - i.e. the things that drove me crazy, created more work and stopped other things from happening.

Soggy towels strewn across my bedroom floor definitely ticks all these boxes!

My life long - or at least post adolescence - habit has been to 1) swan out of bathroom in towel, 2) get distracted by something in bedroom,  3) drop towel on floor, 4) forget about it, 5) curse loudly in shower next morning when no towels in bathroom, 6) get clean one from airing cupboard, 7) eventually retrieve soggy one, 8) mix up soggy and clean ones in bathroom together, 9) curse louder still because I don't know which are clean & which dirty, 10) bung the whole lot in washing machine and bemoan how much laundry there is!

Definitely a crunch point!

So this week I am trying to master the very simple habit of:

1. Taking dressing gown to bathroom with me
2. Getting completely dry in bathroom
3. Putting on dressing gown
4. Leaving towel neatly folded on heated rail so it's all ready for tomorrow!

I mean how easy is that?

And I am banking on a bit of help from littl'un.  I explained to her that this week "towels stay in the bathroom" and for some reason - maybe shock value! - it's so tickled her fancy, that she's been repeating it to me all morning!

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  1. hahaha! i am totally there with you! its exactly what happens in our house too! such a simple thing, but will make me much happier :)


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