Friday, 1 March 2013

The Friday Baby Shower #3

Welcome to the Friday Baby Shower.

First off, a quick look back to the last shower - it was only our second week so I was completely wowed by how many people linked up and have indulged myself and - for this week only - featured far too many of my faves :-) ...

And So It IsOur Haven Hill and Baby Baker Love shared some beautiful pictures of their pregnancy announcements and baby showers ...

HopperonomyAdventures in MommyhoodFinding Vanilla OctopusUrban Times in Michigan, Single Modern Mum and Romance on a Dime kept us up to date with the progress of their pregnancies and their bumps ...

Four gorgeous new borns Kai, Connor, Archie and Ollie joined the shower with birth stories courtesy of their mummies Three Men and a MommyLoving My PigletsThe Mummy Adventure and Life According to Mrs Shilts ...

View Along the Way shared brilliant tips on cloth diapers, Simple Home Blessing on getting help with your newborn, Naturally Attached on everything she's doing differently second baby round, Five 4 Five on a new mum care package that won't break the bank and The Grass Skirt on dealing with mommy guilt ...

Somewhere in the Middle reflected on age gaps between siblings, Morning Clementine on low milk supply and Oh Mrs Tucker! on becoming a grandma for the first time...

And finally, Little Rays of Sunshine shared a pattern for a gorgeous baby blanket ...

Pheeww! So much great reading ... Now we better get on with this week's party!

To link back to the party just copy the code below and paste it into your post, sidebar or link up page ...


Do check out other posts and spread the love with lots of nice comments and pins :-) ...

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Teen Toddler Newborn! I love this idea! I linked up my most recent birth story. I will share this party with my readers!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I linked up with some recent newborn pictures. I'm sharing your shower with my readers. :)

  3. What a fun link up! I can't wait to come back next week and participate :)

  4. What a cute link up, thank you for inviting me to join!

  5. So many great blogs! Thank you so much for the invitation, Alice! ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

  6. thanks for the invite. happy to join in.

  7. So glad I found your blog at keeping it simple :) I am adding your party to my weekly list! I have two two kids - 3.5 and almost one - and sometimes post about baby related stuff <3

  8. hey i've been keeping up with prego belly pics for the last few weeks or so. if i could link up that would be cool. i'm pretty new to this though so i just need to know where to send in my info and what not. mahalo!


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