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The Title Words that Get Blog Posts Pinned on Pinterest

Get Blog Posts Pinned on Pinterest

Words can be powerful. Very powerful.

As Melissa Taylor ... who has more than 1 million Pinterest followers!! ... explains, the right title words will increase the number of times your blog post gets pinned on Pinterest.

And those pins will bring your blog more readers.

I'm not talking about blog post titles here, but the titles that you add to your images. These don't have to be the same and should often actually be different because your post title should be focused on getting readers from Google whilst your image title should be optimised for Pinterest.

And Google and Pinterest are very different beasts!

You might think that Pinterest is all about photos.

But images with compelling titles get pinned much more often than those without.

So how do you write a compelling title?

Well, marketing experts use 6 basic word groups that attract readers by convincing them they will find something that is either easy, comprehensive, important, authentic, free or fun. 

As I show below, with lots of suggestions and examples of my own, it's really easy to build these word groups into your image titles and increase how often your blog posts get pinned on Pinterest.

And there are all sorts of imaginative ways to build the words into the image. I use PicMonkey ... which I absolutely love ... to edit all my images. The basic package is free and you get loads more fonts and features for just a few dollars a month.

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We're all super busy and need quick answers for all sorts of things. So if you've got a simple solution in your post that will help your readers let them know with words such as ...

  • Simple, simple steps
  • Easy
  • No hassle, no effort, no worries, no bother
  • Time saving
  • Getting started
  • Basic
  • Quick
  • Fast
  • Super speedy
  • 30 sec, 1 minute, 15 minute etc as appropriate


On the other hand, there are times when we want to know everything we can about a problem, so if you've got a big post that brings together lots of expertise, try words like these ...
  • Everything you need know to know
  • Complete
  • Total
  • Whole
  • Definitive
  • All the answers
  • Loads of
  • 50+, 100+ etc as appropriate


None of us like to feel we're missing out on something. To make readers feel that they might be, if they don't read your post try these words ...
  • Must have, must dos
  • Everyone needs
  • Got to have
  • Can't do without
  • Essential
  • Vital
  • Critical
  • Top
  • Fundamentals
  • The best
  • Brilliant
  • Amazing
  • Awesome



Readers like blogging at its best because it's authentic; it's real people talking about real experiences and real solutions that have actually worked for them. Emphasise the authenticity of your advice with words such as ...

  • Tried & tested
  • Really works, works for me
  • Never fails, won't fail
  • Fail safe
  • Life saver
  • Secret
  • Reliable
  • Genuine


This one goes without saying. If your post will help readers save money in any way make sure your image tells them that!

And don't under estimate how powerful that word "free" can be even related to something for which people are never charged ...

  • Free
  • Super cheap
  • Complete bargain
  • A steal
  • Money saver
  • Low cost
  • Great value
  • Give away


We all want to enjoy ourselves and if we're mums we're constantly on the look out for great ideas that will keep our children entertained for hours.

If you've got a play related post - even it's educational - don't forget to emphasise the fun with words such as ...

  • Hours of fun
  • Non-stop fun
  • Cool
  • Crazy
  • Fantastic
  • Fabulous
  • Wild
  • Wonderful

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  1. This is a Fail safe,Amazing, Must have Step by step great blog post thanks alice xxx

    1. Helen -- You beat me to the punch ;-) A great list and reminder none the less.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds so easy, I'll have to try it out.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  3. You ALWAYS share the most wonderful information ~ I can't tell you how much I look forward to your posts. Pinning and sharing....thanks so much for joining the party at Project Inspire{d}.

    Hugs, Mary Beth

    1. Aw thanks Mary Beth - that's lovely. You really put a smile on my face :-)

  4. This totally makes sense!!! I totally need to incorporate these types of words into my posts. I've pinned it! Thanks for breaking this down so simply!

    1. So glad you liked it Bethany - give it a whirl and let me know how you get on, Alice x

  5. thaaaaanx i am starting my blog and feeling so scared but this post is amazing and gave me lots of ideas


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