Party games for young children ... 30 fabulous traditional party games for kidsI confess I love children’s party games!

Entertainers can be brilliant … there was a wonderful one at a party we went to yesterday …

… but for most kids I think nothing quite beats a good old game of musical bumps :-)

We will certainly be having a whole load of good old fashioned children’s party games at my daughter’s upcoming  birthday party in January.

But how do you organize children’s party games so it doesn’t all end in tears?

Children’s Party Games Tips

From my experience of our parties and the zillions of parties we seem to have been to the last two years, the best children’s party games are those in which no one goes out.

I am quite happy to have a winner, but as hostess the last thing I want is upset kids running off causing havoc somewhere else because they are “out”.

So I liberally spray the children with stickers … what child doesn’t love a sticker? … during the game and give a proper prize to the winner at the end.

I am also less keen on children’s party games where they have to take turns, e.g. pin the tail on the donkey. In my experience you start losing children’s attention and they peel off from the group. Once the group breaks up it’s much harder to bring it back together.


Favourite Children’s Party Games

I think, our fave party games have been Musical Bumps, Musical Animals, Duck Duck Goose, What’s the Time Mr Wolf and Pass the Parcel.

Plus Sleeping Lions … everyone lies on there tummy and tries to be as still as possible … is brilliant whilst you’re setting food out. With the promise of a sticker if they don’t move they really will stay still for 5 minutes!!!

There are loads of other great children’s party games to choose from and we definitely plan to try out some new ones this year including Polo on a String and Musical Numbers.

I have to confess, I am also wondering whether we could get away with Pass the Balloon rather than Pass the Parcel. I don’t know why, but it does seem the most enormous fag wrapping up the parcels when you’ve got so much else to get ready. Bad mummy!!


30 Children’s Party Games

  1. Musical bumps
  2. Musical statues
  3. Musical chairs
  4. Musical cushions
  5. Musical hoops (best played outside)
  6. Musical animals … shout out an animal when the music stops and everyone pretends to be that animal
  7. Musical numbers … you have to jump on a number square when the music stops & if you’re on the number pulled from a hat you get a sticker
  8. Duck, duck, goose … sit in a circle, one person walks round outside saying duck, duck, duck and then pats someone on the head and says goose – the goose has to jump up and chase them round the circle
  9. What’s the time Mr Wolf?
  10. Honey bear
  11. Pass the parcel … if you’ve got lots of kids, have two parcels
  12. Pass the balloon .. same principle as pass the parcel but saves you the faff of wrapping up loads of presents
  13. Polo on a string … put a polo on a string, everyone sits in circle, someone in the middle has to guess where the polo is as everyone pretends to move it around
  14. Hot potato … pretend a foil covered potato is hot and pass it around, whoever has it when the music stops is out
  15. Pin the tail on the donkey / Peppa / Gruffalo
  16. Bottom shuffle race
  17. Crawling race
  18. Hokey cokey
  19. Sly fox
  20. Chocolate egg & spoon race
  21. Fishing for presents … have a big box full of small wrapped gifts with a magnetic washer attached to them, everyone fishes for presents in the box with rods make from sticks, string & magnets
  22. Walking the plank … have a balancing plank and prizes for getting to the end without falling off
  23. Simon Says
  24. Mother May I
  25. Grandma’s foot steps
  26. Pinatas
  27. Hide & seek
  28. Tag / catch … best for outside parties
  29. Stuck in the mud … have to stay still when someone tags you until you are untagged
  30. Sleeping lions … everyone lies on the floor, either you’re out if you move or you get a sticker if you’re really still … this is brilliant when you’re getting tea out as it will keep them all quiet and out of the way ..

So there we go, 30 children’s party games to get the party off with a bang … what about you? What are your faves? Do share …