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Easy Detox

Living by our frazzled wits in a state of non-stop, frenetic exhaustion, is a badge of motherhood!

We're sleep deprived.

We're juggling several million too many things in our minds at any one moment.

And we're always "on" as we try to navigate our way ... usually without a map ... through all the new things in our children's lives.

It's no wonder that we pep ourselves up, just to keep going, with sugar and caffeine and then reach for a glass or three of wine as soon as the kids are asleep, to try desperately to wind down.

But there comes a point when the exhaustion and the adrenalin and the anxiety and the caffeine and the sugar and the alcohol just all take their toll and we're running on empty.

And it's easy at those points to be overwhelmed by it all and to get angry and big time sad.

Now obviously, what we're all crying out for is a lovely detox!

But any mum who can keep going for three days on almost no food must be employing a 24 hour nanny and have a retinue of household staff! For the rest of us mere mortals it just isn't going to happen.

But in the last month I have managed to give up caffeine, (I am a binge coffee drinker), cut down my alcohol to less than 3 units a week and reduce my sugar intake significantly without said nanny or household staff!

I'm still tired, I still worry about stuff but I do feel so much better physically and feel more able emotionally to tackle the things that were getting me down.

The trick has been some easy detox secrets an friend who is an amazing nutritionist gave me.

She told me most detox programs get everything the wrong way round.

The reason we crave all the bad stuff is because we haven't got enough of the good stuff ... so going hungry for three days will just make us want more of the bad stuff. Makes sense.

Her top tips were to enjoy eating just a bit more healthily and do some gentle exercise ... particularly walking ... for a month, which will:

  1. Get your digestion working quicker & more effectively
  2. Stabilise your heart rate which helps with anxiety & adrenalin
  3. Change your taste buds so you start to crave the good stuff
  4. Increase your serotonin levels naturally which will make you feel happier
  5. Increase your energy levels with lower GI food

And then ... and only then ... you're ready for actually giving stuff up whether it's caffeine, sugar, alcohol, wheat, salt or whatever else it is that's screwing up your system.

It's basically just so much easier to give stuff up once your body is brimming with good stuff!

And from my experience over the last two months my friend is completely right!

So here are my tried and tested tips for an easy detox that every mum can do.

Tips for an Easy Detox

  1. Drink an extra glass of water every day ... and keep increasing ... it's worth getting yourself a light water bottle that you can carry around with you
  2. Drink a glass of warm water & lemon juice first thing every morning
  3. If you're not already a big exercise junkie try to get at least 3 blocks of 30 minutes heart raising exercise each week but remember exercise can just be walking briskly!
  4. Stock up on healthy snacks you love and snack on them between meals
  5. Eat an extra portion of veg every day particularly dark green cabbage, spinach, kale, watercress, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, beetroot and celery ... if you can eat more do!
  6. Eat an extra portion of fruit every day particularly blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapefruit, avocados, apples and papaya ... if you can eat more do!
  7. Eat at least one portion of legumes a week ... lentils, kidney beans and chick peas can all be easily added to soups, casseroles and salads and canned are fine as long as no extra salt 
  8. Flavour your food with plenty of garlic ... will make it much easier to cut out the salt and the garlic has cleansing properties
  9. Eat oily fish once a week - it's great for blood pressure & makes you feel happier!
  10. Eat a handful of nuts every day - brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and hazel nuts have all been shown to increase serotonin levels - so again they are happy food!
  11. Sit down with a relaxing detox tea made of herbs that help your digestion
  12. Bake with spelt flour which is low GI and much gentler than wheat on digestion
  13. Eat oats in breakfast cereal and add to baking - low GI and appear to have calming effects
  14. Eat lots of wholegrain - full of complex vitamin B which is important for mood
  15. Just do as many of these as you can - it's not about going from zero to hero ... it's gradually increasing the good stuff in a sustainable way ...
  16. After a month you should find yourself craving all this good stuff because it makes you feel better
  17. Only now start cutting the bad stuff out - these will vary by person but ideally cut out or significantly reduce caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt and wheat ...
  18. Cut out the easiest stuff first
  19. If one thing is a trigger for another ... e.g. if I drink wine in the evening, I "need" coffee in the morning ... try to cut out the trigger first
  20. Go slowly if you need to ... the benefits of the good stuff will be constantly increasing so it will become easier and easier
If you want help keeping up the good work post-detox I recommend the DASH series as they are based on clinical research by the American Heart Association ... rather than diet fad ... that shows a vegetable and pulse rich, low salt diet can lower our blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels ... and that's got to be good ...

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  1. Great tips! So important for busy Mommas to take care of themselves!

  2. Great tips! As a SAHM, I always come last. I need to try and make a conscious effort to take care of me too. Stopping by from the Create It Thursday link up! Have a great week! Stop by and see me sometime!

  3. Great tips. Thanks you I Erik be trying these!

  4. This is brilliant thank you!! I am going to try and do some of these things. It is hard in the run up to Christmas but I need to address my bad habits after pregnancy. Thank you.

  5. Great tips and so easy to slowly incorporate into your daily life.

  6. Great tips Alice. I just pinned it and I printed it for the fridge! :) Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable

  7. I really need to re-start the warm water and lemon - I used to do this every day - admittedly while I waited for the coffee to brew! But it did make me feel better and I got comments that my skin looked better... Anyway, these tips are great and seem easy to work in.. Thank you for this! Julia

  8. Ha, joined in a Link Party from your Link Party calendar and the first link I clicked on to comment was yours - guess that shows your Link Party tips work!! Anyhoo... great detox tips, but do make sure to be careful with the lemon thing in the morning, dentist told me she's seen a lot of people who's teeth have acid erosion as a result of doing this morning ritual - good idea to wait a good while before cleaning teeth, so the enamel has time to harden again. Anyway, good luck with your mission, I'm on a similar one - I want to banish sugar, the caffeine I've got under control #BlogStalkerLinkParty

    1. That's interesting advice.

      I wonder whether it's just the citric acid or whether it's the citric acid with the bicarb in lots of toothpaste - I can feel a science experiment coming on ;-)

      So glad the tips are working :-)

  9. What a great list! And giving up caffeine? Way to go girl! I'm featuring you tonight at All Things Thursday! (

    1. Thanks so much Kristina - that's brilliant!

      I do love coffee so much better but I feel just a zillion times better when I don't drink it unfortunately - Alice

  10. This the kind of advice Gillian McKeith gives and we tried it and even cooked her recipes - it is right though. Maybe if I start with some of it would be a step in the right direction though. Thank you for linking up with MotivationalMonday.

  11. God I so need to actually do this... Some fab tips here ;) Happy New Year BTW! :)) xxx

  12. Really interesting read, and thanks so much for being first link into our new #AllAboutYou link and pin party!

  13. Just what I need, or more to the point, what my beleaguered body needs! #AllAboutYou

  14. Some great tips, I'm not sure I could give up the coffee though :) #AllAboutYou

  15. These are excellent tips Alice. #AllAboutYou

  16. Top tips! I have a pretty healthy diet but the one thing I can't cut out completely is coffee. I think it would kill me. I tried when I was pregnant with daughter and had such a stonking headache that went during the first sip of coffee when I gave up. One cup is a day is all I need now though so not too bad.
    Thanks for joining in the linky :)

  17. Fantastic tips. Thanks so much for sharing. What I particularly love is that these are ACHIEVABLE! I found this so helpful, I'm going to print it out and pop it on my fridge. Great post. #AllAboutYou

    With love & pouts, Kate x

  18. I really do need to detox, will have to implement these

    anna (intheplayroom)


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