Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pinterest Tricks

Pinterest is your best friend if you seriously want to grow your blog.

Since, I started blogging in earnest at Christmas, my blog grew rapidly but plateaued at the beginning of the summer .

After looking at my Google Analytics stats I decided to get better at Pinterest.

And boy has it worked!

In 2 months I doubled my Pinterest followers ...

AND doubled my unique visitors ...

AND doubled my page views ... from 40k+ a month to 80k+ a month ...

AND (according to Alexa) moved into the top 25,000 sites in the USA ... not bad for a Brit!

Another look at Google Analytics showed that Pinterest drove most of this increase.

So how did I do it?

Well, there are all sorts of tips & tricks out there for mastering Pinterest ... do check out Pinterest Savvy from Melissa Taylor who has more than one million followers!!!! ...

... but the four that worked for me over the summer were ...

Four Top Pinterest Tricks

1. Pin great images - your own & other peoples
2. Pin little and often
3. Follow people who pin what you pin
4. Use link parties to get pinned

... if you're looking for more tips check out at the bottom of this post the brilliant links from other bloggers, which were all shared at my weekly Empty Your Archive link party ...

... and if you've got your own Pinterest posts do share them ...

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1. Pin Great Images

So what is a great Pinterest image? It's ...

  • Taller than it is wide
  • At least 736 pixels wide
  • Bright & well focused
  • Got a stand-out, "read-me" title (most of the time)
  • Of enduring content ... tips, recipes etc are enduring, your weekend isn't

Your images must tick these boxes. AND the images you pin must tick these boxes.

I use PicMonkey ... which is a completely brilliant ... to edit all my images. You can use it for free or just a few dollars a month.

2. Pin Little & Often

Whenever you've 30 seconds free, pin 3 great images from your Pinterest stream.

To get more pinnable stuff in your Pinterest stream, follow more boards.

Don't just follow the boards of other bloggers you know well!

Do follow the boards with plenty of pins on topics you blog on.

And don't pin loads on the same subject in one go because what you want more than anything is for your pins to be re-pinned and if you pin 20 versions of the same thing it won't be.

But why, you ask, should you care about other people's content being re-pinned?

You should, because that's how people will find you ...

3. Follow People Who Pin What You Pin

Now this bit is important - so listen up!

When you pin something, a pop-up will show you another board onto which it has been pinned, along with a great big Follow button.

Click that button! Every time! It will put more great images in your stream for you to pin.

And guess what?

When your boards appear in that pop up because you've been pinning great images, other people will click that button and follow you. Ta da!

So the more you pin great stuff, the more your boards will appear in that pop up and the more you will be followed.

And the more followers you have the more people will pin your posts.

And more pins of your posts means more page views!

4. Use Link Parties To Get Pinned

There are loads of link parties - you can find hundreds of them organised by day, time & topic in my fabulous new Link Party Calendar ...

Just one pin from a party host or party goer with lots of followers could send your post viral.

So do a bit of homework on the party and find out whether the hosts ...

  • Have many Pinterest followers?
  • Pin very often? (A few big bloggers have lots of followers but don't pin much or primarily pin their own stuff)
  • Pin great images (If they're not pinning great stuff they may not have very active followers)

Then make sure you get to that party as early as you can and ...

  • Link up a great image
  • Put a "read me" title in the Name field, NOT the name of your blog

Now sit back and watch those pins AND those page views fly!

If you want to grow your blog, do give these simple tips a whirl - they really worked for me!

Follow Me on Pinterest!

And if you want more great blogging tips do follow my Blogging board on Pinterest ....

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  1. I was looking for some practical tips for Pinterest newbies! Thank you

  2. Great tips! I just pinned this article and followed the board that popped up afterwards. I definitely need to work on making my captioned image more vertical, gain more Pinterest followers and give the link party thing a serious shot. I actually found this article from the Link Party Palooza!

  3. Thanks for the great tips! I've been working on trying to build my following. Pinning and following. Thanks (-;

    Linda @ Mixed Kreations

  4. I have a board of blog tips and guess who has the most pins on it? Thanks for all your help.

  5. Great info! I look forward to following your pinterest and getting more advice!

  6. This is great! Pinterest is definitely where it's at for me. I love the tip on clicking the Follow button every time you pin something and pop up box appears. I'm going to do that from now on. Such wonderful tips. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  7. Thanks for the tips, Alice ! Speaking of Alexa, I love using my toolbar - one gets instant, detailed info on any site. {I'm trying to get back to my global rank after I switched over to a}

  8. I've been working on doing these things for the last few weeks and have been very pleasantly surprised how the momentum builds :) Great advice, great blog :)

    Dawn from I Think We Could Be Friends...stopping by from a link party but I can't remember which and don't want to click back to find out ;)

  9. I feel like I've been trying to grow my following, but it's an ongoing effort. These are some great practical tips. I've also started following you as I've found so many of your recent articles valuable. Your Link Party Calendar is an absolute life saver! Thanks for all your great work! Would love if you follow me back. :)

  10. Thanks for the tips! I'm new to all of this and look forward to implementing some of your tools!

  11. Great advice as usual! I usually pin a bunch at once...time to change that I see!

  12. Love these ideas!! Thank you! I need all the help I can get with my new blog @

  13. I found your blog last night and just stumbled across it again. I think it's a sign I'm supposed to stick around. I found you the second time through Fluster Buster link party. Thanks for the helpful info.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing on last weeks Thrifty Thursday! I have Featured your post this week - I can't wait to put these tips to excellent use!!

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