Valentines Day crafts for kids ... simple but lovely Valentines Day crafts for kids, everything from playdough and clay to bunting and wind chimes plus secret Valentines Day love potion ...Valentine’s Day crafts are a lovely way to get kids out of the post-Christmas doldrums when it’s cold and grey in January.

But when you’re planning kids crafts for a big celebration like Valentine’s Day it’s easy to think you’ve got to be wildly original … cue stressed mummy and child!

So my plan this year for Valentine’s Day crafts for my daughter and her friends is all about giving old faves a new twist …

… and I am loving the ideas below that are all super fun Valentine’s Day ideas based on crafts like play dough, salt dough plus sensory play and even some science potions that my daughter knows and loves.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... Rose Scented No-Cook Playdough

Lovely rose scented no cook Valentine’s playdough from Danya Banya


Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... Super Sensory Valentines Slime

Super sensory Valentine’s slime from Little Bins for Little Hands


Valentines Day Crafts - Raspberry Jelly Valentine Play Dough

Raspberry Jelly Valentine’s Playdough – Imagination Tree which needs nothing more than cutters, pink glitter and some sparkly “jewels”
Valentine Day Crafts - Valentine Salt Dough Garland
Valentine Salt Dough Garland – Yummy Mummy Kitchen


Valentine Day Crafts - DIY Clay Hearts
These lovely DIY clay hearts from Cathy at Nurture Store are super simple and can be just left to dry rather than having to bake them in the oven.


Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... Beautiful tissue paper bleed Valentines Day hearts

Tissue bleed Valentines Day Heart cards from Powerful Mothering


Valentine Day Crafts for Kids - Secret message Valentine Day hearts with white crayons and water colours
Magic Writing Heart Cards – Avinash Hecker for which you just need white crayons and water colour paints …


Valentine Day Crafts for Kids ... Add a little science to your Valentine Day crafts with these fab spinning hearts
Add a little science to your Valentine Day crafts with these fab spinning hearts from Babble Dabble Do …


Valentines Day crafts for kids ... super simple last minute heart shaped Valentines Day paper chains

Super quick, super stylish Valentines Day heart shaped paper chains from Mum in the Mad House …


Valentines Day Craft for Kids ... Simple tissue paper stained glass hearts for Valentines Day
Simple tissue paper stained glass hearts from Kids Craft Room


Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... Painted twigs make a lovely heart canvas for Valentines Day
Painted twigs are arranged as a heart to make this lovely Valentine’s Day canvas from Red Ted Art


Valentines Day crafts for kids ... a fun Valentine sensory bin is a wonderful invitation to play and explore
It’s tempting to think sensory bins are just for very little ones … but as Shaunna from Fantastic Fun & Learning shows with this fab Valentine Sensory Bin they can prompt all sorts of unexpected exploration and conversation with older children …


Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... A super simple Valentines Day fine motor activity
A super simple fine motor Valentines Day busy bag from Sugar Aunts


Tissue paper Valentine’s Day votive candle holders from Happy Hooligans


Valentines Day Craft for Kids ... Making Valentines Love Potions

This love potion from One Time Through gives a Valentine twist to one of our favourite science experiments that even under 5s can enjoy …
Valentines day crafts for kids ... easy Valentines Day bunting

Kate from Crafts on Sea sewed her hearts on with the machine but you could glue and five and ups can manage a few rough stitches with a little help and supervision …

Valentine Button Heart – Hands On As We Grow


Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... the prettiest Valentines Day bunting ...

Part of me would feel guilty cutting up books as Rebecca Cooper does for this Valentines Day bunting but it really is so pretty …


Valentines Day Crafts for Kids ... adorable Valentines Day wind chimes
Adorable Valentines Day Wind Chimes from Allison at No Time for Flash Cards

It can be hard to get boys engaged in Valentine’s Day but you might win them over with these Cupids Arrows from Craftaholics ….


But if it gets to the point where you’ve run out of time to make Valentines cards with the kids and everyone else is sending them do check out the really fabulous kid friendly selections at Tiny Prints and Minted …And if you’re a busy, not so crafty mom who struggles to find time to plan crafts and make sure you’ve got all the materials you need, do check out Kiwi Crate who will send you a monthly crate of craft ideas with all the materials you need – how good is that!

So there you go, a whole bunch of super fun Valentine’s Day crafts for kids… hope you find one you fall in love with! And don’t forget to check out our other Valentine’s Day posts… Valentine’s Cakes, Cookies and Desserts and Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day.