Blog Photography Tips

Great photos can make or break a blog.

Particularly as Pinterest is so visual.

The only problem is my photography stinks!

The idea for my blog was always about solving problems and I needed specific photos to illustrate the problems.

Could I take them?

Not a chance 🙁

I always enjoyed clicking away pre-blogging but I just froze up & found taking photos a big stress.

I’ve stumbled along relying on my editing skills … I’ve used Photoshop a fair amount in the past and I just love PicMonkey which is free and brilliant for cropping, improving quality & adding beautiful titles. If you are not using it, you really must!!!

But I’ve reached a plateau where I can’t do what I want to do with the blog without being able to take better photos. So I’ve been collecting tips on how to take brilliant blog photos …

Now, there are some great books of photography tips available for food bloggers but the best tips have to come from ordinary bloggers who understand the demands of day to day blogging and who’ve learnt the hard way.

I’ve collected up here some of my faves covering everything from buying a camera to creating a photo box to using light, perspective, aperture, focal length and much more …

I do hope you find them as helpful as I have … and if you have your own great tips or any posts at all about blog photography please do share them at the bottom of the post …


Blog Photography Tips

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Photo inspiration when you’ve run out of ideas … Life in Balance

If you want more tips on photographing kids I found this fab FREE online photography course. It’s focused on family portraits but I found the tips on taking children really helpful.

And if you’re eyeing up a “big girl” camera it’s worth coming up with your short list and then keeping your eyes peeled on Amazon’s camera deals page … they do have some great prices.

… and if you want still more blogging tips do follow our blogging board on Pinterest … it is absolutely chock full of everything you need to know to grow your blog …