Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dinosaur Activities for Kids

We've got a date with some dinosaurs.

Scary stuff!

But luckily we've visited them before ...

... at the wonderful Natural History Museum ...

... and my terribly wise 4 year old will be there to remind me "they're not really real mummy" when they RAAAA ...WWR!,


But I do have a sneaky suspicion we might find foot prints, eggs, bones and more in the garden when we get back ;-)

If you're as dino-mad as we are, you'll love all these ideas for dinosaur fun ...

... and if you've got your own do share them in the link up at the bottom of the post ...

Dinosaur expedition ... This Fine Day

Dinosaurs in fabulously fizzy mud ... Growing a Jewelled Rose

Salt dough dinosaur fossils ... Rainy Day Mum

Dinosaur skeletons with pasta bones ... Loving My Nest

Dinosaur eggs from Diary of a First Child

Salt dough dinosaur bones ... The Imagination Tree

Fizzing dinosaur eggs from Fun At Home with Kids

And a different take on dinosaur eggs from Such A Mama

Frozen dinosaur eggs ... Paging Fun Mum

A dinosaur dig ... Life with Moore Babies

Dinosour lifecycle sensory bin ... Country Fit Family

A fabulous Dinosaur stomp song ... Lets Play Kids Music

Dinosaur reveal pictures ... The Do It Yourself Mom

Dinosaur shadow boxes ... The Celebration Shoppe

Dinosaur track matching fun ... Mom Endeavours

Maths measuring fun with dinosaur feet ... I Can Teach My Child

If your kids love dinosaurs they will love these mason jars made by It All Started With Paint

If your looking dinosaur activities to work into teaching modules have a look at this series of posts from Sorting Sprinkles ...

And do, do, do check out this fab "I've already told you it's a Triceratops ... "  video from Downs Side Up 

After all that dinosaur play you can't beat some of our fave old dino-tastic stories ... Harry & the DinosaursMegs Eggs and Julia Donaldson's wonderful ... Tyrannosaurus Drip ...

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  2. Awwwwwwww! Thanks for featuring our dinosaur eggs! That party was a blast and I can't wait to plan this year's!

    Ann @ Suchamama.com


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