Exercise daily ... 5 simple ways to build exercise into your day however busy and overwhelmed you are feeling No time to exercise?

No time to join a gym or a class?

Or is it simply too hard to spare the brain bandwidth to fit exercise into your day?

Whatever the reason, all of us do have time to exercise if we put our minds to it.

How do I know this?

Because over the last few months I’ve finally cracked the code to building exercise into my day – even on days when I’ve no time …

How to build exercise into daily life…

1. Short Bursts:

Worrying about not having time for an hour of exercise used to stop me before I started. Now I tend to do 10 – 15 minute bursts of exercise at home. Never more than 30 minutes.


2. Exercise Apps:

My preference is for a clear demo video, clear voiceover and an audio time indicator. My current favourite exercise app is the Quick Fit 7 Minute Workout, it gives me a full body workout in seven minutes. And the App costs just ¢1.99, what’s not to love!

Quick Fit 7 Minute Workout by Tiny Hearts Limited, Fitness App
Exercise App: Quick Fit 7 Minute Workout


3. Fitness Monitor:

Wear an exercise monitor. Just checking in to see how much I’ve moved during the day is inspiration enough to get up and move. My husband gave me a Nike+ FuelBand, it’s been on my wrist every day since.


 4. Step-ups:

Most of us either have stairs or steps we can access easily.  Step-ups are a great way to give your body a quick workout. Pop your trainers on and set a timer or use your fitness monitor to map your progress. Here’s a simple guide to doing step-ups.


5. Walking:

Forget driving, forget public transport… if you can walk to where you need to be during the day, do it! It’s the easiest way to build exercise into your day. It’s also a great way to meditate, and to save money! Think you don’t have time to walk the whole way? Get off before your stop and mix up walking with using transport.

Got any great tips for building exercise into daily life? Do leave us a comment and share your wisdom below … and if you’re looking for more simple, practical health tips for mums juggling too much do check out our other healthy living posts …