Feeling stressed? Just breathe! Use the four breathing technique to calm yourself down when you're feeling stressedDo you ever find yourself so caught up with stress that you’ve forgotten to breathe?

I do.

I can literally feel the escalation of one thing after another busting my brain bandwidth.

And then I realise I’m racing round doing stuff, literally holding my breath. My chest is tight, my shoulders are up, my mind is going ninety to the dozen, I’m in temporary respiratory paralysis…

…well obviously I’m not, there’s the autonomic nervous system keeping me breathing, but you know where I’m at?

But the fact I can recognise this is a big step forward for me in managing my stress levels.

And as a fiery redhead I need to manage my stress levels!

So now what I do when I get to the point of zero breathing is…

…I stop and breathe.

Proper, deep, breaths.

Breathing, and in particular deep breathing, is a great method for effective relaxation, scientifically proven to affect the heart, brain, digestive and immune systems to boot.

And the great thing is… breathing is free!

You don’t have to sign up for a course, though of course (ahem) you can do that, because a lot of meditation is based around controlled breathing, as is yoga.

But plainly and simply, just taking time out to take a few deep breathes can have a massively curative affect.

Just in case you’re not well practised in breathing for relaxation, I’ve found this super simple guided breathing relaxation video for you to check out, it only runs for just over a minute, so no need to worry about it taking up too much time… it’s called the four count breath.

Now go forth and breathe! Feel the relaxation, get ahold of yourself and reduce those stress levels!

I hope this post has been of use, I was inspired to write it at this point in time, because our server is playing up and I could feel my shoulders coming up and my mind whirring… then I realised I wasn’t breathing… !!

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