Bug fun with kids ... simple fun ways to raise bugs with your kidsWe’re waiting with baited breath ….

… our very, very hungry caterpillars have just made their chrysalises … and we’re dying to see our butterflies emerge.

We’re raising our butterflies with the really fab Insect Lore kit we’ve had before.

You can buy the Insect Lore kit here in the UK and here in the US

BUT if your kids love bugs as much as ours, don’t stop with butterflies!

It’s really easy to encourage other friendly bugs into your garden and give your kids a chance to get up close and friendly …



Butterflies get all the PR but did you know ladybirds – or ladybugs if you prefer – also do an amazing transformation.

This ugly little fellow is actually a baby ladybird in our garden ….

Bug fun with kids ... butterflies get all the PR but ladybirds do their own amazing transformation

… and here he is making a cocoon on a fennel stem …


We’ve ended up with a real ladybird colony by letting self-seeded cow parsley and fennel run wild. To get more ladybirds in your garden, check out these extra tips from Rainy Day Mum



Now I know some kids just hate bees, but they are vital for the planet and need our help. And they are super cool!

To get your kids excited show them this amazing video from Kids Craft Room.

Who knew bees tongues were sooooo long?!

And to get more bees in your garden try these simple tips from Hen Family

Bug fun for kids ... how to encourage bees into your garden from HEN Family



You really can’t beat worms for bug mad kids!

Seriously … the garden loves them, the birds love them, and your kids can actually pick them up and watch them wiggle.

We got a fancy wormery last year which does produce the most amazing compost – our raspberries are growing like triffids! – but you could make your own with these instructions from Nurture Store.

And to really get up close and watch the wonderful worms at work you can easily make a mini wormery in a jar like this one from Science Sparks

Bug fun for kids ... make your own wormery and watch the clever little worms at work

Build A Bug Hotel

Ladybirds, bees and worms rock. But diversity’s the thing for the garden and your kids. And a fab way to see all sorts of creatures up close is a bug hotel.

It could just be a pile of sticks in a corner of the garden, but downside of this having tried it, is your kids don’t get to see much of all the lovely bugs.

So if you and your kids fancy a project, it’s definitely worth building a bug hotel like this fab one from Babble Dabble Do

Bug fun for kids ... build a bug hotel with your kids ... from Babble Dabble Do


And Finally … A Bug Joke

If your kids love bugs, they’ll love this joke …

And guess what? We actually coded the joke ourselves! To code your own bug jokes do check out our super new mums and kids coding site mama.codes