Best ever kids jokes ... 10 best ever kids jokes that every mum needs up sleeveSo, I have a new job!

I have been officially appointed … cue massive drum roll! … chief jester and clown at the court of my 6 year old.

Now, I have to tell you, this fabulous new position … which is obviously in addition to my ongoing roles as chief cook and bottle washer, bag carrier, lost stuff finder, scary monsters at night time stomper etc etc … is a lot blinking harder than you might imagine!

Basically, ‘cos it requires me to deliver jokes.

Lots of them. And they’re meant to be funny!

Aw, pleeeeassse! I mean, crazy songs, I can kind of manage on a good day.

But endless supplies of jokes a 6 year old will actually laugh at? Did I miss that one somehow in the “Now You Are A Mum” job description?

Apparently yes.

You too? Never fear!!

After extensive scientific(ish) research in which 93.2% of all my attempts at funny fell flat, flat, flat, I can exclusively reveal the 10 best ever kids jokes!

(And and and … at the bottom of the list I have an unbelievably exciting, super-duper, added extra which is guaranteed to rocket you to the top of the “Super Mum of  All Super Mums” chart!!!

So KEEP reading …)

10 Best Ever Kids Jokes

  1. Why did the fish blush? … Because it saw the sea’s bottom …
  2. What do you call an elephant who just won’t wash? … A smellyphant
  3. What do you call a fairy who won’t have a bath? … Stinkerbell …
  4. What do witches put on their hair? … Scare spray!!
  5. What time is it when an elephant sits on your fence? … Time to get a new fence …
  6. What has 5 eyes and 5 legs? … 5 pirates …
  7. What’s worse than finding a caterpillar in your apple? … Finding half a caterpillar in your apple …
  8. What goes zubb zubb zubb? … A bee flying backwards …
  9. When’s the best time to put a spider in your sister’s bed? … When you can’t find a frog …
  10. What makes more noise than an elephant? … Three elephants … 

Go on, you’ve got to admit it, they’re crackers!

Go try them on your kids AND when you’ve got them chortling, impress them even further by showing them how to code them … how cool is that??!!

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