Kids books - what to read after Harry PotterOh my lord, what are you going to do?

How will you survive?

It’s a total catastrophe!

Yep. Your kids have finished Harry Potter!!!

What can ever match the strength of friendships they forged at Hogwarts?

The delight of discovering Diagon Alley?

And the pure excitement of each plot twist?

That Special Harry Thing

‘Cos that’s the thing about Harry Potter isn’t it? It’s not just a fantasy story?

Yes, Rowling gives us a whole other world to escape into for 7 long books, but Harry’s about school and friendships and family and growing up.

Plus, the first three are seriously good detective stories.

And she has a raft of characters that match Dickens in their detail.

So back to the question … what next?

Well here’s our quick list of our five other series – not just magic and fantasy – that capture all the things that make Harry so special to our kids.

And will keep them reading and reading and reading …

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1. Dark Is Rising – Susan Cooper

OK so first up is fantasy.

Susan Cooper’s Dark Is Rising series, starts with Over Sea Under Stone (USA).

She combines page turning childhood adventure with great rafts of English and Welsh myth, the aged figure of Merlin striding through it all.

They can be challenging – and scarier than Harry! – so best for over 8s but they open up a treasure trove of time switching legends and history.


2. Blackhearts in Battersea – Joan Aitken

Rowling’s characters and humour are brilliant but Joan Aitken beats her!!

The giant alternate history Wolves series gets going with Blackhearts in Battersea (USA) which introduces the fabulously feisty Dido Twite.

Always on the lookout for adventure, Dido is never far from trouble.

Kids books - what to read after Harry Potter


3. The Queen Must Die – KAS Quinn

A New York girl time travels to Victorian London and finds not everyone at Queen Vic’s court is as human as they seem in The Queen Must Die (USA).

We love the history. We love the time travel. We love the – spoiler! – aliens.

But the Harry-like three way friendship between 21st Century Katie and 19th Century Princess Alice and Dr’s son James glues it all together.

4. Sally Lockhart – Philip Pullman

Phillip Pullman’s Northern Lights is an obvious post Harry choice but lots of kids struggle with book 2 and 3. His Sally Lockhart series can be a better bet.

It’s still a big read – harder than the first 3 Harry Potters. But starting with Ruby In The Smoke (USA) they are, like Harry, great detective stories.

Kids books - what to read after Harry Potter


5. Araminta Spook – Angie Sage

The final magic about Harry Potter is that Rowling gets loads of kids who aren’t brilliant readers to read 7 – by the end – big books.

Lots of them aren’t immediately up for something as hard again. The Araminta Spook (USA) series from Angie Sage has witches, magic, boarding school and crazy humour but is readable by 7 year olds.

We sooo hope you get some inspiration from this post-Harry Potter list and we would really love to hear your recommendations – do share below.

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