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Green cleaning sounds great. I mean surely we all want to ditch the nasty chemicals in cleaning products that are bad for our kids and the planet.
But … and there is a but, a big one!!! … green cleaning can just seem like an invitation to spend a small fortune on totally lovely but utterly extortionate fancy products!

Well the good news is that you really can start cleaning green with just a few essentials that don’t cost a fortune and in some cases are actually free!

So to get you started here are 10 brilliant green cleaning essentials that can break the back of most jobs …

10 Green Cleaning Essentials

1. Baking soda

Oh the wonders of baking soda – or bicarb if you’re a Brit.  When you’re spring cleaning use its brilliant, natural cleaning powers to:

  • Scrub grouting with a toothbrush
  • Sprinkle over mattresses & hoover up, carpet and rug stains and smells
  • Unblock drains with bicarb and vinegar
  • Run a clean cycle in washing machine with vinegar
  • Clean the oven with vinegar
  • Applied via a lemon on stoves and hobs
  • Run the dishwasher empty with  vinegar
  • Clean microwaves with vinegar and lemon

2. Cedar wood

If you’re struggling with pesky moths who are munching all your nasty stuff, try cedar wood in your drawers, wardrobes and laundry baskets.

3. Citric acid

Dissolved in water you can use citric acid to scrub and disinfect the loo, descale showers and taps and to clean coffee machines.

4. Microfibre duster

I completely swear by my Oxo microfibre duster with an extendable arm and a flippy top. It gets easily into every corner, however high and actually attracts the dust rather than just swishing it around. I find I really don’t need any dusting polishes or whatnot if I use it regularly.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can remove really worn in blood and protein stains on clothes, bed linen and even soft furnishings. It’s not necessarily colour safe so you need to do a colour test, but it can be a life saver when nothing else will shift nasty marks AND it is naturally occurring.

6. Lavender

Use lavender in tandem with cedar wood drawers, wardrobes and laundry baskets to protect against moths.  You can also use lavender in your kitchen cupboards to ward off other insects.

7. Lemon

Rub half a lemon directly on showers, taps and shower doors to get rid of limescale and tarnishing of and scrub hobs and stoves with half a lemon sprinkled with baking soda.  Combine with baking soda and vinegar for a powerful but lovely smelling clean out of a stinky microwave.

8. Newspaper

After you’ve sprayed windows and mirrors with a vinegar and water solution bub down with newspaper to prevent smearing.

9. Sunshine

Wait till the sunny days really come in to spring clean bed linen and soft furnishings and dry everything outside in the sunshine rather than in a drier.  Remember anything with feathers in it needs to be dried flat and needs regular shaking to prevent clumping.

You’ll save a fortune on your drier or laundrettes.

10. Vinegar

Vinegar like baking soda has a multitude of uses – it can particularly help to:

  • Descale shower and taps
  • Clean loos
  • Clean floors – don’t use on finished floors
  • Descale iron
  • Clean out dishwasher with baking soda
  • Clean out washing machine with baking soda
  • Clean shower walls with added dish liquid – don’t use on marble
  • Clean carpets and rugs with added salt clean carpets and rugs – test for colour fastness
  • Disinfect and clean out the microwave with baking soda and lemon
  • Disinfect and clean out the fridge
  • Descale and degrease kitchen appliances such as coffee machines

So there you go, some really easy – AND cheap – green cleaning essentials that will help you ditch all those nasty chemicals in your cleaning cupboard.