Sleep tip for insomnia - a really simple must know sleep tipYou know what it’s like.

Your brain’s whirring a million miles an hour.

With the zillion and one things you absolutely need to do.

Plus the zillion and one ways in which you can screw all those things up!

And then – worst of all – there’s the palpitating panic you won’t get back to sleep.

Because it’s Three O’Clock in the morning.

You’re beyond exhaustion.

And you’re scared stiff you won’t cope tomorrow.

Sound familiar?

If it does, I have a sleep tip for you that might just work.

I’m not promising anything – sleep is such a complicated thing – but this tip has helped me enormously with insomnia. So if you’ve been waking in the middle of the night and struggling to get back to sleep, it’s worth a try.

The Sleep Tip

It’s very simple.

Just think of a place you know well from childhood.

Your home, your grandparents, a friends, school.

Anywhere, you know well and feel good about.

In your mind’s eye, go in through the door and start walking around slowly.

Notice small details as you walk around. The carpets, the curtains, a piece of furniture, a picture.

Sleep tip for insomnia ... a simple must know sleep tip

You won’t remember it all. But little details will seep back.

Don’t force the memories, just keep walking slowly. Go upstairs. Or outside maybe. And keep remembering.

As I walk and remember, my heart stops racing and my mind stops whirring and usually, within 5 minutes I’m asleep.

And it’s good sleep.

Sleep which I wake up from, feeling rested.


So how on earth does remembering old stuff help insomnia?

Well, focusing the mind shuts down the whirring thoughts that trigger the rushes of cortisol and adrenalin that make your heart pump.

You’ve no chance of sleeping with your heart pounding!

But there’s something else.

Our brains need to retrieve and re-sort old memories when we’re asleep so they can store new stuff away. In consciously remembering old details we help get our brain into sleeping mode.

Sleep tip for insomnia ... a simple must know sleep tip

Let Me Know

I do hope this little sleep tip helps if you’re struggling with all the horrible anxiety of waking up in the middle of the night and not get backing to sleep.

It has really made a difference for me.

Do let me know.

And please do share sleep tips that have worked for you. I would love to hear them.