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We’re Alice and Luci, two mums on the hunt for simple tips to help us handle the curve balls and challenges of motherhood …

Maybe it’s just us, but we can never quite seem to get our head around motherhood!

As soon as we vaguely master one milestone … breastfeeding, potty training, sleep etc … then we hit another … starting school, whatever .. at full speed.

And we’re back to flailing around without a clue what we’re doing!

While fending off at the same time all the other random curve balls parenting kindly chucks at us on a regular basis … you know, nits, chicken pox, mice in the kitchen, burst pipes, that kind of fun stuff!

It’s endless isn’t it?

But we had this vague idea that if we could somehow beg, borrow and steal the best tips we could find from our friends who’d been there and got the t-shirt, it would help us and any other mums who feel at best like us, they’re treading water.

And that’s how Mums Make Lists started.

And what it’s all about.

Simple, practical, must know tips from other mums that make a massive difference when we haven’t a clue what we’re doing.

And could do with a bit of TLC.

And a big dollop of fun!

So what have we got for you?

Well, there’s all the stuff we wish we’d known about babies before we had them!

Our thoughts on all those major parenting milestones, you don’t really realise you’ve hit until your head hurts!

And the super easy tips that made a big difference to our kids’ health and our own.

Then there’s the dull stuff … y’know putting vaguely healthy meals on the table day after day and getting small people to eat them!

And horror of horrors housework! How on earth do you do it in as little time as possible without poisoning the planet with industrial supplies of chemicals?

And finally we’ve got some very simple ideas for learning through play including our fave ways to get outdoors and explore and loads of book lists … plus our fave kids jokes

AND even if we say so ourselves some rather cool tips on transforming screen time and helping even really little kids learn to code

We really hope all this stuff helps … particularly when you’re drowning … do give us a big old shout and let us know …

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