Life hacks for busy parents


A Lightning Fast Declutter

Now some people would have you believe that if you immaculately fold your t-shirts your life will somehow be clutter free! Hmmm. Motherhood? Crisply, folded t-shirts? Really?? It's not happening is it? So if you're drowning in clutter, or - like me - you're a yo yo de-clutterer ... AND you have precisely no time ... AND

Time Travel Books for Kids

I have to confess we are total time travel junkies in our house. We have been known to get ever so mildly obsessed with Doctor Who. (We have Dalek cutters for cripes sake!) And in those lulls of inactivity from the Doctor we lap up time travel books. And these are just a few of our fave time travel books for kids....

Scary Books For Kids

Uh oh! Scary books for kids! It's a tricky one isn't it? Is it really a good idea for our kids to read stuff that's going to scare them witless? That might give them bad dreams? And have them running down the landing to jump in your bed in the middle of the night?...

Mexican Food Fast

Yummy Mexican food definitely a good thing. Soaking beans and chopping piles of chillies and herbs you've let go soggy - very soggy! - at the bottom of the fridge, not so much! I don't know about you, but in my house, Mexican food had become yet another discarded item on the heap of "stuff I did before motherhood" ... ... until that is I discovered this clever trick that really does let you cook Mexican food fast without faff!...

Super Green Soup

Make soup? It comes out of a tin doesn't it? Or a carton if you're lucky. Why on earth bother to make soup I hear you bellow, when you're beyond frazzled and have precisely 10 zillion things to do by yesterday? Well, because this super soup gives you an instant feel-less-frazzled boost. (And that's not just

Sleep Tip For Insomnia

You know what it's like. Your brain's whirring a million miles an hour. With the zillion and one things you absolutely need to do. Plus the zillion and one ways in which you can screw all those things up! And then - worst of all - there's the palpitating panic you won't get back to sleep....

Starting School

Starting school? How did they get so big? What happened to my baby? School just seems so big and so scary! How will they possibly survive their first term? And's what more how will you survive it?...

10 Green Cleaning Essentials

  Green Cleaning Essentials Green cleaning sounds great. I mean surely we all want to ditch the nasty chemicals in cleaning products that are bad for our kids and the planet. But ... and there is a but, a big one!!! ... green cleaning can just seem like an invitation to spend a small fortune

What To Read After Harry Potter

Oh my lord, what are you going to do? How will you survive? It's a total catastrophe! Yep. Your kids have finished Harry Potter!!! What can ever match the strength of friendships they forged at Hogwarts? The delight of discovering Diagon Alley? And the pure excitement of each plot twist? That Special Harry Thing 'Cos

10 Minute Workout for Busy Mums

Hurry. Scurry. Juggle. Drop. Is that your day? It certainly feels like mine. And too often the thing that gets dropped - so I can keep all the other balls in the air! - is me time, mummy time. And particularly any time for this mummy to exercise! But hold onto your seats girls 'cos I really, truly have found the best ever mum-friendly all over 10 minute workout....