Life hacks for busy parents


Questions to ask when choosing daycare

Daycare choices are very personal decisions. What's 'right' or possible for one family may not work for another. If you do decide to go back to work, finding child daycare you're happy with can be a minefield. Staying at home was never an option for me so I started looking for daycare when pregnant. Luckily I got lots of help, on how to choose great daycare, from friends who'd been through it and my mum who was a playgroup leader for many years. They told me the questions to ask when choosing daycare. Based on their advice and my experience these are my top tips on how to find the best possible day care for your child - and note the emphasis there on your! What's best for little Jonny across the street may not be best for your family. ...

Help Kids Settle in Childcare

I don’t think there are many mums that don’t go through the wringer at least a bit when their child first starts in childcare whether at nursery or with a child-minder or nanny. It’s not that you’re not convinced of the benefits for your child and for your family as a whole and for you