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Looking after kids with Chicken Pox

Chicken pox struck M three weeks back. The first two red spots appeared on a Sunday morning and by the evening they were popping up all over. Chicken Pox first appear as little red spots, but become blisters around 12 hours later. Having now Googled Chicken Pox I realised that the pesky virus could well have been the reason for M's uncharacteristic grouchiness earlier in the week. My biggest fear about the Chicken Pox virus had been dealing with the itching, something I thought was inevitable. BUT M barely felt the need to itch for the entire duration of the episode... ...

WIN! My Own Fairy Door

The Tooth Fairy is one of a trio of magical, mythical, characters who enchant little children... but until recently it's been really tough for the poor little Tooth Fairy  to sneak into kids rooms.... That was until My Own Fairy created a Fairy Door, complete with its own magic key, fairy dust and fairy club membership. Mums Make Lists has teamed up with the lovely people at My Own Fairy to offer two lucky readers the chance to win a My Own Fairy Door set to put a little fairy magic into their kiddo's life. ...

Losing Baby Teeth – The Lowdown!

My daughter, M, lost her bottom front baby teeth just before she turned five. Way early! To add to the craziness of how early it was... she also had what's known as paediatric shark teeth for a couple of weeks... Yip shark teeth... baby teeth still in place, but new adult teeth visible behind....

Tooth Fairy Inspiration and Free Printables

Ahhh the Tooth Fairy. Along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy is one of the most important characters in a kiddo's childhood. M was SO excited when the Tooth Fairy visited to check on her carefully wrapped up baby tooth, which she'd secreted under her pillow in a little jewellery box, complete with a note. On the advice of a friend's mum, M had asked in her note, that the Tooth Fairy simply inspect the tooth and leave it behind as a memento. The Tooth Fairy obliged and left her a hand-written note in fairy pink handwriting... and two shiny £1 coins. That's how things went with our first visit from the Tooth Fairy, but how do you go about, ahem, liaising with the Tooth Fairy, to make your kiddo's experience of her really special? We've put together some lovely Tooth Fairy inspiration and ideas, including some super free printables. ...

How to Help Unhappy Kids

Early this year, my 4 year old got unhappy about having to go to nursery. She was super clingy each morning and I found myself at a loss at what to "do" to help. She had good friends there and it was a lovely, warm environment which she knew well, so what was making her so unhappy ... ...

Kids Teeth Brushing Tips

OK so you know the script ... The morning rush ... no bags packed, no clothes ready, breakfast barely eaten, eyeing up yesterday's coffee 'cos no time to make more ... AND you missed the message in the book bag advising pirate costume needed today ... AND you've got to get them into the bathroom AND somehow you've got to get them to clean their teeth for 2 blinking minutes!   It's enough to make a grown woman cry! It really is! I have a high powered, globe trotting friend who is literally reduced to tears by her complete inability to get her kids to clean their teeth in the morning. ...

Tips for Sick Kids

My daughter was sick last week. We've been quite lucky until now with only one previous bout of proper pewking since she was a baby. Last time,  it was in the middle of Broadstairs station - just before the train arrived! yuk! - after a lovely long sunny day by the sea. Boy was she sick!

Handling grief

A friend recently lost her sister in law to cancer and asked for advice on how to tell her young children their aunt had died. In a similar situation I wouldn't know how to start. I didn't lose anyone close until my late teens and have no experiences to draw on.  I can imagine myself