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Potty Training

Simple Potty Training

Not looking forward to potty training? Don't worry, you don't have to do it... that's right, you can skip it. Jump straight to toilet training instead. Why? Because it's all very well potty training your child, but problems can start once a child is potty trained... ...

Potty Training Help

So potty training is meant to take 3 days right? Hmmm ... if only ... My daughter showed all the signs of readiness. So we got the books on how she'd master the potty in 3 days flat and tried to follow them. And I really, really did try hard. But the house descended into a war zone. ...

Top tips … potty training

So we made it ... whoop, whoop, whoop ... finally ... through the wilderness ... that is potty training! It was really not that bad but the first few days when you're house bound it does take you back to those dark, lonely moments of being a new mum ...And then there are those times when you just cannot handle yet one more thing - a bed, the carpet, the only clean clothes left - being sopping wet and needing to go in the washing machine and somehow get dry when it's bunging it down and you don't have a tumble dryer ... aaaaaaaarghhhh!This list of potty training top tips is the list I really, really wish I had when I started  - all the heaps and heaps of advice I got from family and friends and potty training gurus galore digested into 3 simple pages that can be downloaded, edited, printed and scribbled on!...