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How to rock pregnancy

In association with the first stop for mums to be! Finding out you are pregnant is such a magical moment... But then what? You've never been pregnant before... You've heard a bunch of stuff from mums who have been.... You've read up on it loads... But now it's your turn... It's all a bit out of the ordinary and you're feeling a little overwhelmed... not to mention nauseous... So Mums Make Lists has teamed up with - the online store started by a mum - to bring you a guide to pregnancy. ...

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

You're deliriously happy and unbelievably excited having received the best news of your life. You're pregnant - hurrah!! But you feel - excuse my French - like crap! Maybe morning sickness is nature's way of introducing new mums-to-be, to the bitter-sweetness that is motherhood.  It is totally wonderful but sometimes it sucks! Luckily it usually goes after the first trimester and there are loads of natural remedies for morning sickness that help. ...

Coping with Polyhydramnios

"Oh my god, you're enormous!".   I wasn't even 8 months pregnant when my shocked friend shouted out this choice greeting, but I was already carrying an extra 25kg (55lbs) on top of my pre-pregnancy 55kg (120Ibs).  That's a hell of a lot of extra weight to carry when you're 5'2. I was big right from the

Pregnancy Sciatica Tips

We all dream of the perfect pregnancy in which we bloom beautifully and exude radiant calm but unfortunately a significant number of mums-to-be spend the second and third trimester with an excruciating pain in their backside due to horrible sciatica! The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back through your bottom to your legs and

Coping with Severe Morning Sickness …

I have posted previously on tips for morning sickness and so when a newly pregnant friend started to suffer from it I confidently handed over my list of suggestions.  I can't believe my naivety.  I had absolutely no comprehension of what she was going through because this wasn't the common or garden morning sickness that

A Pregnancy Checklist … Twenty Must Dos!

An old friend has very recently discovered that she's pregnant.  It's great news but the pregnancy wasn't exactly planned so she's ever so slightly panicked. Being the organised type who doesn't like navigating her way through something new without a map she immediately demanded from me a pregnancy checklist of "must dos" that she needs

Complete New Baby Shopping List

So the baby is on its way, your life is about to change forever and you find yourself: a) maxing out the credit card with anything that takes your fancy; b) having a complete melt down in the local baby store because you've no idea what all this stuff is; c) burying your head in

Complete Hospital Bag Check-list

Packing your hospital bag early ensures you're ready for the big day. Even if little one puts in an early appearance. AND it gives you the peace of mind that you won't end up in hospital with a bag thrown together by your other half! I was in hospital a couple of times pre-labour and never had what I needed. One time my wash bag had only toothpaste & mozzie spray in it!!! Errr ... thanks mum :-)   To prevent similar mishap, this is everything I think you need ... ...