Life hacks for busy parents


Easter Eton Mess

Want to wow the kids / your family and friends with an Easter dessert, but got neither the time nor the brain bandwidth to do something fancy? You need Easter Eton Mess. Eton Mess has long been a favourite dessert of mine, both to eat and to make. Well especially to make because, in short,

A Lightning Fast Declutter

Now some people would have you believe that if you immaculately fold your t-shirts your life will somehow be clutter free! Hmmm. Motherhood? Crisply, folded t-shirts? Really?? It's not happening is it? So if you're drowning in clutter, or - like me - you're a yo yo de-clutterer ... AND you have precisely no time ... AND

Mexican Food Fast

Yummy Mexican food definitely a good thing. Soaking beans and chopping piles of chillies and herbs you've let go soggy - very soggy! - at the bottom of the fridge, not so much! I don't know about you, but in my house, Mexican food had become yet another discarded item on the heap of "stuff I did before motherhood" ... ... until that is I discovered this clever trick that really does let you cook Mexican food fast without faff!...

Super Green Soup

Make soup? It comes out of a tin doesn't it? Or a carton if you're lucky. Why on earth bother to make soup I hear you bellow, when you're beyond frazzled and have precisely 10 zillion things to do by yesterday? Well, because this super soup gives you an instant feel-less-frazzled boost. (And that's not just

10 Green Cleaning Essentials

  Green Cleaning Essentials Green cleaning sounds great. I mean surely we all want to ditch the nasty chemicals in cleaning products that are bad for our kids and the planet. But ... and there is a but, a big one!!! ... green cleaning can just seem like an invitation to spend a small fortune

Quick Healthy School Day Breakfast Ideas

School day breakfast is a big thing in our house, mainly because I'm obsessed, with M going to school with a well balanced meal inside her tummy. To me thats a healthy breakfast, with a good mix of protein and carbs, that's  super low on sugar. Brain-food, to keep her focused in class and swerving blood sugar crashes. That said, it's hard to always come up with the goods at breakfast time. I noticed my repertoire of yummy school day breakfast ideas dwindled towards the end of the last school term. So, I put myself together a school day breakfast cheat sheet, that I can use to keep myself motivated and, hopefully, ahead of the curve for this school year. ...

Save Money on Family Food

How on earth do you save money on family food when it feels like all the family could eat a horse - each! - on a daily basis? It really racks up, doesn't it? And that's before you add in those too-tired-to-cook takeaways and I-just-don't-have-time ready meals. Plus coffee and lunches and snacks and whatever when you're out and about ......

How To Quickly Save Money On Groceries

Do you sometimes find yourself having the same conversation over and over? It definitely felt like that for us last month. We all seem obsessed with finding a way to quickly save money on groceries. I guess the Christmas bills finally came home to roost. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!...

Five Rabbit Night Lights For Kids

Every baby and small child has at least one bunny rabbit in their soft toy collection. Fact! But there's an increasing number who also have a cute and playful bunny rabbit night light, or at least one inspired by bunny rabbits. Here's a round up of five fabulous rabbit night lights for kids, that are fast becoming collectible cult design classics, that parents adore just as much as there kiddos....

How To Bulk Freeze Mashed Potatoes

Loads of our fave family recipes involve lovely, creamy mashed potatoes. Shepherds pie, fish pie and fish cakes are some of my daughter's top meals. And personally I love stomach lining gnocchi ... home made from a big heap of mashed potatoes ... and slathered in cheese sauce. And mashed potatoes are simple, right?...

How To Make Good Habits Stick

How are your New Year resolutions going? Just between you and me, I slipped off the wagon last Friday and had a glass of wine I never meant to have. But you know what? I'm not beating myself up about it ... well I was, but now I am not, because at the risk of sounding totally trite, real change is not just about January and the best way I have ever found to make good habits stick is to focus on the long term....

Polka Dot Decals For Kids’ Room Walls

I keep seeing polka dots everywhere whilst looking at kids' room and nursery decor.

The wonderful thing about polka dots is that they provide a highlight of colour rather than a solid colour on a wall. You can buy polka dot wallpaper, but the easiest way to create a statement polka dot wall is by using decals or wall stickers. And of course, the great thing about decals is that they can be removed easily (well, just don't let your toddler know this!!), so updating the colour scheme of a room is easy peasy! So here's a round-up of some of the loveliest polka dot themed walls I've seen for kids room, nursery and playrooms. ...