Life hacks for busy parents


Quick declutter tips to reclaim your home!

Oh my, clutter gets me down! Stuff everywhere frazzles my brain to the point of being oh-my-goodness-mummy-overload panic inducing. And the time it takes to tidy drives me mad. Not to mention the time it takes to find anything, particularly in the morning ... in the rush ... This year, the clutter the got to me so much that I planned to put aside real time for attacking it. I came up with a few quick declutter wins but also decided I just had to tackle some of the big jobs that were driving me crazy. And the good news was that some of the biggies were actually really quick wins and created loads of space ... and mental headroom! ... with very little effort ... ...

How to Declutter Fast

I am messy! Very, very messy. I would like to blame motherhood but actually I've always collected clutter. Being a mum just made me worse. I've tried a whole bunch of declutter programmes ... throw 10 things out daily for 30 days etc ... but none worked for me. I still didn't put stuff away.   And I would still drive myself crazy on a daily basis trying to find things. ...

How To Organize Paperwork

There's lots of advice out there on how to organize paperwork. But I'm not convinced the people who write this advice ever get their paperwork into the unholy mess I do!!! They also live in a strange parallel universe where they can organize neat piles of paperwork all over the floor for the days necessary to sort it out without little hands appearing "to help" :( It my experience if you try this, you'll just end up shoving it all back in a box in a bigger mess than it was before! So how can you organize paperwork fast? Well this is my tried and tested and super fast approach that will help you ... Tackle the critical paperwork (e.g. the nasty stuff you've been avoiding!) Store all important documents securely so they can be found without major panic and are protected from disasters of all sorts Keep on top of mail going forward  ...