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How to be successful: Stop focusing on goals

I recently read a fantastic post on how to be successful. It was about the difference between systems and goals when it comes to achieving success. You can read the post, which is written by behaviour science expert James Clear,  over on In short, if you focus on creating great systems, you are far more likely to make progress and be happy doing so, than if you focus on goals. ...

How To Clean Up Gmail

Last month my husband’s jaw hit the deck when he saw my gmail inbox totalled 8,303 emails. I did a panic clean up, but a few weeks on, it's as bad as ever.

Truth be told, I’ve fallen out of love with email. Receiving emails used to be exciting, but over the years the sheer volume of them has become overwhelming....

Stop Multitasking, Start Monotasking

Does multitasking keep you constantly busy but never feeling like you've actually achieved much? Do you realise that every time you stop focusing on a project to ‘quickly’ do something else, your brain takes valuable time to get back into gear on your original project.... overall, you've actually increased your workload? Do you ever