Kids Health

Obviously, we are not medical experts. But these tips have helped our kids …

Simple tips for keeping sick kids hydrated when they have a tummy bug or gastric flu ..
Cradle cap - a simple natural cure for cradle cap that really works
Constipation relief for babies and kids ... loads of helpful natural tips for relieving constipation when kids get bunged up
Nettle stings - how to treat nettle stings fast
Chicken pox - Worried about how to cope with Chicken Pox and the dreaded itching? Here is how we got our five year old through Chicken Pox with NO itching and no scarring!

Mum Health

… and these tips have helped us when we’re struggling to hold it together …

Green soup recipe ... 3 minute super soup you can bung together AND that really does make you feel better
Natural Flu Treatments
Feeling stressed? Just breathe! Use the four breathing technique to calm yourself down when you're feeling stressed
Stress - simple relaxation tips for stressed mums
Healthy snacks - healthy high energy snacks for tired moms

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