Kids Coding

Help your kids learn to code and transform them from passive consumers of technology, their noses glued to the screen to active creators and makers ...We’re incredibly passionate about getting kids creating and making stuff with technology rather than mindlessly consuming it, nose glued to the screen!

And we have had great fun helping our under-7s learn to code.

We’ve now created, a dedicated kids coding site to share with other mums everything learned, so you and your kids can get coding too.

We’ll get you started, with super quick, step-by-step tutorials, and hopefully answer all your burning questions from what on earth coding actually is and why kids need to code to how they learn and how you really can teach your kids to code, even if you’ve never coded a thing in your life before …

Mama Codes - Learn to code with your kids ...

Some of our kids coding posts

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Get kids coding
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