London Woods With Kids

London woods with kids ... the best London woods for family days outWoods in London? Yep, really!

And no, not just a few scruffy patches of trees.

Proper woods. Big woods. Beautiful woods. Ancient woods. Busting with wildlife woods!

All in London! Read more

Mexican Food Fast

Mexican food fast ... if you love Mexican food but never have the time to cook it try this recipe and trick for getting it on the table fastYummy Mexican food definitely a good thing.

Soaking beans and chopping piles of chillies and herbs you’ve let go soggy – very soggy! – at the bottom of the fridge, not so much!

I don’t know about you, but in my house, Mexican food had become yet another discarded item on the heap of “stuff I did before motherhood” …

… until that is I discovered this clever trick that really does let you cook Mexican food fast without faff! Read more

Super Green Soup

Green soup recipe ... 3 minute super soup you can bung together AND that really does make you feel betterMake soup? It comes out of a tin doesn’t it?

Or a carton if you’re lucky.

Why on earth bother to make soup I hear you bellow, when you’re beyond frazzled and have precisely 10 zillion things to do by yesterday?

Well, because this super soup gives you an instant feel-less-frazzled boost.

(And that’s not just me saying that, there’s some science behind it). Read more

How To Treat Nettle Stings

Nettle stings - how to treat nettle stings fastA lovely weekend.

Visiting a seriously cool Hogwarts like castle.

Walking the best dog in the world.

Picking blackberries.

Fantastic. Except for the nettle stings! Read more

Sleep Tip For Insomnia

Sleep tip for insomnia - a really simple must know sleep tipYou know what it’s like.

Your brain’s whirring a million miles an hour.

With the zillion and one things you absolutely need to do.

Plus the zillion and one ways in which you can screw all those things up!

And then – worst of all – there’s the palpitating panic you won’t get back to sleep. Read more

Starting School

Starting school ... how to survive the first term at schoolStarting school?

How did they get so big?

What happened to my baby?

School just seems so big and so scary!

How will they possibly survive their first term?

And’s what more how will you survive it? Read more