OK so we’re not parenting experts.

This is just the stuff we wish we’d known before we needed it!

Some of it – if we’re honest – came out of dark moments when we were convinced we were the worst parents ever! If by any chance you’re in that place right now, we do hope these thoughts help …

Potty training - what to do when potty training goes horribly horribly wrong
Help kids calm down ... simple parenting tips to help kids calm down when they get mad. These have really helped us with tantrums and meltdowns.
After school meltdowns ... simple tips that really help ward off after school meltdowns and the witching hour
Starting schools ... the simple things, no one tells you, that will help you and the kids survive the first term at school
Tantrums - simple golden rules that help to ward off an awful lot of tantrums
Dry nights - simple tips for helping kids stay dry at night and for deciding when it is the right time for them to try
How to choose great day care for your kids ... how to choose the right childcare for your child

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