Quick Meals

We put our hands up.

We are not the best cooks in the world. Not even in our house!

But from the jaws of frequent failure, we have somehow managed to snatch some half decent tips on:

a) getting small people to eat stuff they don’t like, (also known as veg), and
b) putting vaguely healthy food on the table fast for very little money

… these are some of our current faves …

Picky eater tips - simple tips to get fussy eaters to enjoy food and eat up
Pasta sauce - easiest ever, super healthy, bulk cook pasta sauce you can use in everything from spag bol to curry
Pasta sauce with hidden vegetables
Healthy snacks for kids - super quick LO-prep healthy snacks for kids
How to freeze mashed potatoes
Fruit muffins ... loved by kids and a perfect way to smuggle in loads of fruit they wouldn't eat otherwise
Mexican food fast ... if you love Mexican food but never have the time to cook it try this recipe and trick for getting it on the table fast
How to get kids to eat vegetables - loads of smart tips for picky eaters who don't like their veg
Picky eaters ... a family curry that is cram full of hidden veg

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