10 a Day – Fruit and Vegetables

Here's our roundup of healthy eating recipes for families to make lifestyle changes to include more fruit and vegetables in their daily food intake. #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #fruit #vegetables

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10 a Day Fruit and Vegetables

According to new research on nutrition and health from Imperial College London, ‘Ten a Day’ is the new ‘Five a Day’. To spell it out for anyone not familiar with the mantra we live our lives by / beat ourselves over the heads with, the recommendation that eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day was the best way to keep ourselves healthy has been shifted to ten portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

So, is it possible to actually eat ten portions of fruit and vegetables per day?! Well ask me this question a few months ago and I’d have been somewhat flummoxed. But since discovering the wonders of the Paleo way of eating, I’m pretty confident that eating ten pieces of fruit and veg a day is not only entirely doable, it’s also really rather delicious and enjoyable.

We’re not a completely Paleo household, but since starting to cook Paleo meals, both from scratch and from my super brilliant Mindful Chef delivery boxes, the quantities of vegetables we eat has gone up tenfold. The result being that we are feeling GREAT! Clear skin, lots of energy, minimal illnesses through the winter, we are cooking on gas!

How to eat ten portions of fruit and veg per day?

I guess first off its important to understand what a single portion of fruit of vegetables is, then you can work out how to eat ten of ’em! According to the the NHS Five a Day guidelines, a portion of fruit or veg is 80g. To help you visualise that, this would be a medium sized apple or two broccoli spears.

Next up, I’d suggest meal-planning your day (or even better your week) to include fruit and vegetables in every meal – and snacks if you eat snacks – during the day.

Here’s a quick curation of brilliant fruit and vegetable laden recipes that will have you wondering how you ever managed to not eat ten portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

Eat your way through ten a day

Breakfast Ten a Day

Kiwi super green smoothie for healthy digestion (Paleo and vegan)

Detoxifying Green Smoothie for Healthy Digestion

SAVE THE PIN: Kiwi super green smoothie

Scrambled eggs avocado toast (vegetarian)


SAVE THE PIN: Scrambled eggs avocado toast

Lunch Ten a Day

Healthy tomatoes, basil and chickpea salad (Vegan and gluten-free)

Healthy Tomatoes, Basil and Chickpea Salad – Vegan and Gluten-Free

SAVE THE PIN: Healthy tomatoes, basil and chickpea salad (Vegan and gluten-free)

Dinner Ten a Day

Cajun chicken with coriander and lime rice


SAVE THE PIN: Cajun chicken with coriander and lime rice

Not forgetting the kids!

Pasta sauce with lots of hidden vegetables


SAVE THE PIN: Slow cooked pasta sauce

So what are you waiting for? See how many portions of fruit and vegetables you can get into your daily diet – want more inspiration? Hop over to the Mums Make Lists Ten a Day board on Pinterest.

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