10 Chocolate Cakes with a Twist

Chocolate cakes with a twist ... 10 totally gorgeous grown up chocolate cakes

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Unfirtunately this post has been lost in a site update, all that currently remains is below. My apologies, I will rewrite the post as soon as I have chance. 

Who doesn’t like chocolate cake?

Whose family doesn’t like chocolate cake?

My daughter would have me make it every week given half a chance.

Actually scrub that, she would love me to make chocolate cake every day!

And to let her lick out the bowl …

But children are creatures of such simple tastes aren’t they?

And every now and again I find myself dreaming of something gorgeously different and just well, that little bit more grown up .. a kind of George Clooney of chocolate cakes if you get my drift 🙂

So I’ve been a huntin’ and found myself temptation a plenty.

Chocolate bundt cake anyone?

Chocolate cheesecake or chocolate mousse cake?

Or how does no bake chocolate lasagna sound?

Chocolate orange cake I adore.

And raspberry layer cake with white chocolate icing must be too good to be true, musn’t it?

Oh my … wake me up someone …

12 thoughts on “10 Chocolate Cakes with a Twist”

    1. So glad you liked Joy – we discovered chocolate zucchinni cake after a complete glut last year and was amazed by how delicious it is!

    1. So glad you liked Kim. A totally self-indulgent post but they just all looked so yummy 🙂 And as we discovered last summer, if you grow courgettes, the chocolate courgette loaf is a brilliant way of using them AND sneeking veg into littlies!

  1. Hello! I have found you thru a link up with Deep Roots at Home and I must say this is so much fun! I love to bake and I love all your cakes you have listed. And, once I get some of my photos downloaded, I’ll have to post one too. Thanks so much for sharing all these yummy “best of the best” chocolate cakes.
    I hope you have a great week!

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