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10 Genius Ways You Can Use a Lint Roller to Clean Your Home

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Lint rollers are amazing things! Here’s ten clever ways you can use a lint roller to clean your home.


What’s sticky and rolls, but spends most of its time in a drawer or handbag? The trusty lint roller, of course, a staple of almost every household. Although we all have at least one lint roller, it feels like it just might be the most underrated tool in any home.

Until now, lint rollers were used for removing lint. But this is the last time you’ll see these guys as a one-trick pony. From this point forward, you’ll view them in a whole new light. Lint rollers can be used for all kinds of things, not just removing fuzz balls and pet hair from your favourite sweaters.

Is it hard for you to pass up a lint roller on a clearance end cap, but now that you have a whole arsenal of them you’re feeling a little guilty? Have you stocked up on enough lint rollers to last you a lifetime, but there’s not enough lint to be rolled?

If you’re nodding your head, or you’re just curious as to what else you can do with a lint roller, then keep reading. I’ve got ten tricks that’ll make you singing the lint rollers’ praises in no time.

10 New Ways to Use a Lint Roller


Quick! You just got word that your mom is dropping by in 30 minutes and you know she’s going to be judging your house cleaning. Grab that lint roller and get to work. You can spot clean rugs, lampshades, furniture, and even bedspreads.

These are all perfect candidates for quick surface cleaning. Lint rollers will roll away any hair, fuzz, and even mystery bits of dirt or crumbs.


We’ve all been there. Crafting with glitter or confetti seems like a great idea at first, but the second you open the lid you’re quickly reminded of exactly why you never use either of those things.

There are itty bitty pieces all over the place and a major clean up in your future. Enter the lint roller: just a few swipes and the sparkly bits will be stuck to the roller instead of your home.

3. Treatment for Window Treatments

Blinds and curtains are often forgotten in the cleaning process… or maybe ignored because they’re such a pain to clean. Taking them down, cleaning, and rehanging is quite a process. A lint roller can take care of these in just a few minutes, with very little effort.

4. De-Fuzzing the Family Pet

Lint roller uses

We love our pets, but we don’t have to love their fur. Cleaning pet hair from floors, carpets and clothes is something all pet owners are familiar with. But, it is possible to rid of their excess fur
before it sheds.

Take one of the lint rollers that’s already been gently used, so that it’s not super sticky, and “brush” your pet with it. This also works if your child has spilt flour or glitter on the dog. Hypothetically speaking, of course.


Lint roller uses

Christmas ornaments and wine glasses both shatter when they hit the ground and the radius of broken glass shards is always shocking. Instead of risking your fingers in picking them up or sweeping, let the lint roller do it for you.

Just remember to lift and fold a corner of the sticky sheet for easy peeling after you wipe, that way you don’t have to touch it when you’re done.

6. finding long lost items

It never fails that a favourite earring gets lost in the abyss of the car crevices. Or, something rolls under the dresser where you can’t see it or reach it. Lint roller to the rescue!

Not only can it get to those hard to reach places, but it can also complete a full retrieval mission. Just be warned, there will be other things picked up in the process, which can be alarming, especially if you’re dipping into places that haven’t been cleaned in a while.

7. paint prep

Dirt and dust are the ultimate crushers of a smooth paint job. But, they’re lurking everywhere. Before you paint, use a lint roller to remove any particles that are on the surface you’re painting. You can also use it to do the same with a paint roller before loading it with the paint itself

8. say goodbye to bugs

Cobwebs and bugs are in almost everyone’s closets and basements. And probably a lot of other places that we haven’t discovered yet. A lint roller can get up in the corners and behind

But again, just know that you’re going to be seeing how effective this is firsthand when you have to peel back the tape of the lint roller.

9. Tiny Toy Cleanup

Lint roller uses

If you have children, you’re fully aware of just toys and games come with parts so small you can only find them with your bare feet. To avoid this disaster, give the kids a lint roller and let them pick up after themselves. The smallest parts will stick to the lint roller, and the kiddos will have a great time doing it. This is one of the only ways I can get my daughter to clean up without a major protest.

10. peel the burn

Bare with me… this one is by far the grossest use of a lint roller, but it’s by far the most original use. When you accidentally get a major sunburn, and your skin begins to peel, resist the urge to exfoliate or peel it yourself. Either of these could result in additional damage.

Instead, carefully press and lift a lint roller over the burnt and peeling skin. Before you do this, roll over the back of your hand a few times to lessen the stick, so that you don’t peel off too much skin.

And there you have it!

Ten ways that you can get rolling…pun intended, with your new lint roller. You’ll no longer spot these in your junk drawer and have to wonder why you thought that was a good purchase.

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