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Easy Tips for Raising a Green Baby

Green baby - easy tips for raising a more planet friendly green baby that don't cost the earth ...

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Green baby - easy tips for raising a more planet friendly green baby that don't cost the earth ...Going green with new baby on the way can seem like an expensive option.

And some organic baby products really are pricey but these tips show how easy it is to go green and actually save money at the same time.

All those gorgeously cute things in the baby shop are super tempting but the clothes will only last a few months at most and lots more stuff will barely see out the year.

You’ll then tear your hair out wondering where on earth to store all the stuff you bought.

Getting hold of as much as you can “pre-loved” will save you a fortune and you can easily pass it on without begrudging all the money you spent.

Uber-eco mamas who do it all can be a tad intimidating but don’t throw in the towel completely on your efforts to be green if you don’t manage to breastfeed or cloth diaper – as this list shows there’s loads of easy green things you can do and each one of them makes a difference.


Tips for a Green Baby

  1. If you can’t manage cloth diapers use biodegradable ones
  2. Make your own wipes – many contain propylene glycol & parabens –
  3. Or at least get biodegradable wipes
  4. Use plastic bags frugally & biodegradable ones when you must
  5. Make your own purees
  6. Introduce baby led weaning so they eat what you eat
  7. Ask everyone you know with kids if they’ve got hand me downs
  8. Buy furniture & big items 2nd hand – but buy mattress & car seat new
  9. If buying furniture new look to see if comes from sustainable sources
  10. Buy high quality pre-loved clothes from a consignment service
  11. Get books from the library
  12. Start a book and toy pool with friends
  13. Pick up toys from charity shops
  14. Avoid bubble bath like the plague as it dries skin & aggravates eczma
  15. Use olive oil rather than chemically based “baby” oils
  16. Ditch the heavy chemicals & use vinegar, lemon & baking soda for cleaning
  17. Potty train early – controversial but a year of nappies in landfill is a lot of trash
  18. Buy organic cotton whenever you can – crops are heavily sprayed with chemicals
  19. Get a stroller that will easily fit on public transport & leave the car behind
  20. Get wheels for your infant+ car seat so you can easily take the train
  21. Look for zero VOC paints to decorate nurseries
  22. Buy wooden toys from sustainable sources whenever you can
  23. Get rid of wee, poo & sick smells & stains with baking soda

Do hope you found these tips for raising a green baby helpful … if you are looking for more ideas do check out our other pregnancy and baby posts …

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7 thoughts on “Easy Tips for Raising a Green Baby”

  1. Great tips! We actually already do a lot of them. 🙂 One I might add is elimination communication (saves diapers, or water if you’re using cloth diapers). Oh and babywearing might make public transport easier.

  2. Great list! As I became more aware of why going green was so important we’ve gotten greener with each baby =)

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! I hope you come by and link up later today =)

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