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5 first-trimester pregnancy must-haves: SHOPPING LIST FOR THE FIRST TRIMESTER

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Here’s my shopping list of the things to buy for your first trimester when you first find out that you are pregnant. These are the first-trimester must-haves that will help get you through the early months of your pregnancy. There are only five things on my suggested shopping list, but they are all total must-haves.


If you’ve been hoping to fall pregnant, the moment when your pregnancy is confirmed is truly magical.

But what then?! By the time you find out you are pregnant, you are already into your first-trimester. There is such a lot to get your head around and of course, it is very usual to feel nervous until you’ve had your first scan to confirm that everything is well with the baby.

It can be easy to get carried away planning and buying stuff for your pregnancy and for your new baby. However, it is early days and it pays to take things cautiously and just focus on the must-haves that will help you get you through the early weeks of pregnancy.

No two pregnancies are the same, however, there are some essentials that to put on your pregnancy first-trimester shopping list.

This will be one of the shortest shopping lists you’ll make as an expectant mom, so savor the fact that you don’t need to spend a fortune to cover off the things you really need during your first trimester.



Prenatal supplements are a must-have for you and your baby during the early stages of pregnancy. Folic Acid is of particular importance for the health of your baby, both before and during your pregnancy. DHA is also widely regarded as important for the development of your baby.

Prenatal vitamins are a good idea to boost your health and can be particularly useful if you are suffering from morning sickness and finding it hard to eat a well-balanced diet.

There is an array of different prenatal supplements out there, so it is well worth talking to your doctor or midwife about what is best.


Morning sickness, ugh! There are no two ways about it, morning sickness is horrible. In my experience, its name is also a total misnomer. All-day-sickness is much more appropriate.

It usually kicks in around six weeks into the first trimester. Different remedies work for different women, but it is well worth being armed and ready with Preggie Pop Drops ahead of the first waves of nausea.

These lozenges are made with a blend of essentials oils and plant botanicals to relieve nausea. There are four flavors, Sour Raspberry, Green Apple, Tangerine and Sour Lemon. You can see by the reviews on Amazon alone that pregnant women can’t get enough of these magic pop drops to quell the symptoms of morning sickness.

First-trimester pregnancy must-haves, first trimester must-haves, PREGGIE POP DROPS Perfect remedy for morning sickness and a queasy tummy!Natural essential oils and plant botanicals used to relieve nausea.Contains 48 Drops in an assortment of flavors: Sour Raspberry, Green Apple, Tangerine & Sour Lemon. Each piece is individually wrapped, Gluten-Free and Kosher!All natural and drug free and 100% safe for mom and baby, and Healthcare Professional recommended.Allow lozenge to dissolve slowly in the mouth. Take 1 lozenge every 2 hours, as needed.

As I said above, different things work for different women and in fact, I found out that different things worked for me at different stages of my first trimester morning sickness. So, I’ve put together a post on a whole bunch of natural ways to relieve morning sickness. You’ll also find more useful information in my post on surviving the first trimester.

I’ve also created a big list of all the best products out there that help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness, nausea and vomiting. It’s a great way to put together a morning sickness care package for yourself.


There are a LOT of pregnancy guides out there. What you really want is a book that has been updated in the not too distant past, so the information is as current as it can be and a book that is straightforward and factual.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting is just such a book. It’s by Heidi Murkoff, a mom who couldn’t find the information that she wanted when pregnant with her first child, so she wrote a book on well, what to expect when you’re expecting, to include everything that any pregnant woman will want and need to know.

The book is now pretty much known as a pregnancy bible and has sold over 19 million copies. So, grab your copy and start reading!


Stretch mark prevention! The reality is that there is a genetic link to stretch marks, so you will likely either get them or you won’t.

In fact, over 90% of women will have stretch marks in the later stages of their pregnancy.

However, there are things you can do to keep your skin as strong and resilient as possible, to minimise stretch marks.

One thing you can do, that is also a lovely way to pamper yourself during your pregnancy, is to use a good quality, body moisturizer to improve the elasticity and moisture of your skin.

I used and LOVED Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter when I was pregnant, it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a vegan, cruelty-free body moisturizer that is rich in omega oils and plant-based actives. This stuff literally melts into your skin and keeps it super supple.

Mama Mio has now got a whole Tummy Rub range, with butter, oil, scrub, fragrance-free products. Take a look and choose a little something to pamper yourself with.

FIRST-TRIMESTER PREGNANCY MUST-HAVE, first-trimester must-haves, Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter is a vegan and cruelty-free body moisturizer rich in omega oils and plant-based actives to keep pregnancy bump skin supple, elasticated and supple


Staying hydrated is really important during pregnancy. Your body needs water to create amniotic fluid, to produce extra blood volume and to build new tissue. It also needs water to carry nutrients, help with digestion and to help you eliminate toxins.

If you happen to be one of the unlucky women who actually vomit as a result of morning sickness, you will also need to make sure you replace water lost through being sick!

So, if you don’t already have a reusable water bottle, now is the time to get one.

I have a Chilly’s Water bottle, it is stainless steel and has a double-vacuum wall to keep the water cool. I suggest getting a 500ml size bottle. Chilly’s do also do a 750ml, but I think it’s better not to weigh yourself down with a heavy full 750 ml bottle of water. There is a ridiculous choice of colors and patterns, so pop over and see which bottle catches your eye.

So that’s it. My super short shopping list of first-trimester pregnancy must-haves! You might also consider buying a pregnancy journal, a lot of women do use them, especially for a first pregnancy. I didn’t have one and I don’t think that I missed having one. I did get given a baby journal, which I used and treasure to this day.

There are also a lot of pregnancy subscription boxes out there, but I think that they are perhaps something that someone gifts to you rather than a must-have.

I really hope that you’ve found this list useful. Don’t forget to pin it to your Pregnancy Pinterest board if you have one, so you can refer back to it.

I am putting together a whole library of pregnancy-related posts, so do pop over and take a look.

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