50+ scrumptious savoury muffins

Savoury muffins ... yummy muffins kids love that are perfect for hiding veg for picky eaters

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As everyoneSavoury muffins ... yummy muffins kids love that are perfect for hiding veg for picky eaters seemed to like my list of 100 fruit muffins so much, I thought I would also share my list of savoury ideas.

Savoury muffins are just as popular in our house as the sweet ones and they are a great way to use up small amounts of leftovers and to smuggle veg into fussy eaters.

As with my fruit muffins, I use as a starting point a recipe from my big fave River Cottage cookbook  I then tweak it depending what else is going in – inevitably there’s a bit of trial & error …

The recipe is half plain and half spelt flour and I do think the spelt makes them special … it’s much lower GI than normal wheat flour and more gut friendly if you’re gluten intolerant. AND it’s super tasty!

Savoury Muffin Recipe

  • Mix together in a large bowl 125g (half a cup) plain flour / 125g (half a cup) spelt flour with 2 tsp of baking power, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda / bicarb and a large pinch of salt
  • Whisk together in a jug 2 eggs, 80g (a third of a cup) of melted butter, 125ml (4.3 fl oz) plain yogurt and 125ml (4.3 fl oz) milk (or all yogurt or butter milk)
  • Mash, finely chop or zest ~ 200g (4/5ths of a cup) of savoury ingredients
  • If you’re trying to hide the veg blend it with the whisked liquid
  • Fold the liquid into the dry ingredients
  • Then fold in any unblended savoury ingredients
  • Bake for just under 20 minutes at 180-200c

If you’re making savoury muffins regularly it is worth getting a 24 cup muffin pan as I find, although my daughter totally loves them, she struggles to get through a full size muffin which means lots of waste or me eating her leftovers … which is not a good thing!!


50+ Savoury Muffin Ideas

Here goes with the list which I’ve divided between cheese, meat, fish – I really want to try the crab ones! – and veg based ideas …

Cheese based

  • Blue cheese & brandy (had to start the list with that one!)
  • Feta cheese & black olive
  • Feta cheese & spinach
  • French soft cheese & chives
  • Goats cheese & rosemary
  • Gruyere with apple & sage
  • Parmesan & herb
  • Ricotta & basil

Meat based

  • Bacon & cheese
  • Bacon & leek
  • Bacon & sweetcorn
  • Chicken & green chilli
  • Chicken & parmesan
  • Chicken, cheddar & apple
  • Curried chicken
  • Ham & broccoli
  • Ham & courgette
  • Ham & leek
  • Ham & pea
  • Sausage & cheese
  • Turkey meatloaf

Fish based

  • Crab, polenta & sweetcorn
  • Salmon, pesto & cheese
  • White fish with spring onion, garlic & red pepper

Vegetable based

  • Butternut squash & spice
  • Broccoli & cornmeal
  • Carrot & apple
  • Carrot & cinnamon
  • Carrot & date
  • Carrot, spinach & cumin
  • Carrot & pineapple
  • Courgette (zucchini) & chard
  • Courgette & cheese
  • Courgette & pine nut
  • Courgette & sesame seed
  • Courgette & feta cheese
  • Courgette & red pepper
  • Leek, prosciutto & brie
  • Onion & walnut
  • Pea & smoked cheese
  • Pea & cumin
  • Potato, bacon & sweetcorn
  • Pumpkin & apple
  • Pumpkin & chocolate (!)
  • Pumpkin & cranberry
  • Pumpkin & rosemary
  • Red pepper & parmesan
  • Red pepper, spinach & feta
  • Red pepper & aubergine
  • Red onion & cheese
  • Spinach, red pepper & feta
  • Spinach & pesto
  • Spinach & parmesan
  • Sun dried tomato & cheese
  • Sweet potato & walnut
  • Sweet potato & pecan

What about you? What are your fave savoury muffin combinations?

And if you’re looking for more ideas do check out our other picky eater and cake posts …

Original Image Source – Vegan Feast Catering

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