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Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh

Hi, I’m Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh. I started editing Mums Make Lists in 2015.

I am super organised and usually have a spreadsheet, list or calendar entry for absolutely everything in life, from work schedules, meal planning, family schedules and household organisation through to parties and seasonal celebrations like the biggie... Christmas.

I find it helps me to stay on top of everything that needs doing and helps reduce potential stress.

The more organised I am, the quicker I get through the stuff that needs to be done and the more time there is for enjoying life.

Mums Make Lists is packed with ideas and tips to help you effectively manage and organise your home and family life.

Let me show you how to simplify family life, so that you can create time and space to thrive rather than just survive.

Free Summer Dress Patterns – Simple to Sew

I’m not a great sewer but summer dresses are so easy, it’s crazy not to make them myself. Plus we have have a brilliant old school London market just 10 minutes walk away which is crammed full of fab cheap fabric. So I’ve been collecting up all the loveliest free summer dress patterns I can find …

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How to Plan Summer Holiday Fun for Kids

he summer holidays are almost upon us! So why so glum mum? Hmmm … maybe it’s the thought of being Chief Entertainment Officer alongside CEO of the Household, alongside fitting in work and anytime for yourself. Plus there’s all the extra mealtimes to provide for – why do kids expect to have lunch on non-school …

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Pirate Activities

The other weekend whilst digging our new pond … very exciting! … we found pirate treasure … Long ago … maybe about the time of the Romans 😉 … the pirates sailed up the hidden river at the end of our road … and hid the treasure in the old marsh which is now our …

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Free Bag Patterns – Totes, Purses, Clutches & More

I haven’t sewed for ages as my machine … inherited from my grandma … had finally given up the ghost. But I am now in proud possession of my mum’s old machine, … she has a new whizzy one … and am rairing to get started again. I used my mum’s machine plenty in the …

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How To Teach Kids to Read

  Learning to read is such a big milestone. It is the gateway to the life long joy of reading. But boy can teaching a child to read make us parents anxious! Most of us are completely confused about what we should be doing and when … … and get into a spin about not …

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Things to Give Up for Lent

  Lent might not seem a child friendly time of year. But I think we big time under estimate kids … even littlies … if we think they won’t “get” it. Kids are actually really good at all the old rituals. Giving things up for Lent, totally makes sense to them after the wild party …

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In this post you’ll find information on how to put together a household shopping list for both household products and groceries. I’ve also put together some free PDF printables – a household shopping essentials checklist and household shopping list template.  THE ULTIMATE HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING LIST HOW-TO GUIDE Let’s face it, doing a weekly shop can …


Beginners Phonics

  Oh my, learning to read got sooo complicated! Most of us mums learnt with “look & say”. Very old school!! So, whether our kids are beginning school or we’re teaching them at home, all this phonics stuff can be super confusing!! I went searching for phonics apps for my 4 year old a few …

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Fire Experiment

This simple experiment helps kids understand what fire needs to burn. But more importantly it gives a very visual introduction to the idea of “gas” – it helps even pre-K kids understand that there is something in “thin air” even if we can’t see it. The experiment builds on the “volcano” experiment that lots of …

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