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Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh

Hi, I’m Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh. I started editing Mums Make Lists in 2015.

I am super organised and usually have a spreadsheet, list or calendar entry for absolutely everything in life, from work schedules, meal planning, family schedules and household organisation through to parties and seasonal celebrations like the biggie... Christmas.

I find it helps me to stay on top of everything that needs doing and helps reduce potential stress.

The more organised I am, the quicker I get through the stuff that needs to be done and the more time there is for enjoying life.

Mums Make Lists is packed with ideas and tips to help you effectively manage and organise your home and family life.

Let me show you how to simplify family life, so that you can create time and space to thrive rather than just survive.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day crafts are a lovely way to get kids out of the post-Christmas doldrums when it’s cold and grey in January. But when you’re planning kids crafts for a big celebration like Valentine’s Day it’s easy to think you’ve got to be wildly original … cue stressed mummy and child! So my plan this …

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Princess Party Invitations

The perfect princess party does not … unfortunately 🙂 … organise itself! So amongst the last minute Christmas cards and biscuit baking, I’m frantically delivering princess party invitations  to hoards of 4 year olds before they disappear for the holiday. Organising a birthday party for right after Christmas is never easy … everyone’s a bit …

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Christmas Toys for Girls

Girls really can be demanding when it comes to Christmas presents , totally unlike their mothers of course 😉 Unfortunately some of their incredibly complicated ideas for complete gorgeousness can turn out more than a little expensive, again, nothing like their mothers … So this list includes some truly gorgeous Christmas gifts that will impress …

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Christmas Gifts for Babies

Now obviously most babies will be happy with a cardboard box, scrumpled wrapping paper and a wooden spoon as a Christmas gift 🙂 But unless you’re a complete scrooge you’re going to want splash out on baby’s first Christmas. And friends and family will also come proffering gifts for the new born. So to avoid …

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Potty Training Too Late?

The great potty training debate has reared it’s head again.It’s popped up this time in a story about children starting school in nappies because parents … in largely deprived communities … were not parenting effectively. For all its rather scare mongering tone I do think the story raises some questions. I know of plenty of devoted, …

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