How to make an easy but beautiful DIY Christmas wreath

Easy Beautiful DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorials

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This is a roundup of some of the most beautiful DIY Christmas wreath inspiration for this year. The bonus is that every wreath in this roundup is EASY to make. Great for beginners, those of us who aren’t crafters and those us with limited time. 

How to make an easy but beautiful DIY Christmas wreath

Christmas is one of those times of year when decorating the exterior of your home is almost as important as decorating the interior. 

Hanging a beautiful Christmas wreath on your front door is the ultimate in exterior Christmas decor. 

Of course you can go and buy a wreath from a local florist or garden centre. 

But there is something SO lovely about having made it yourself. 

It can be easier said than done though. 

You might never have made a DIY wreath before. 

Then again, you may not be a natural when it comes to craft. 

The biggie for a lot of us is that we just don’t have the time. 

There are a couple of ways round this. 

One way is to schedule it into a social get together. 

That’s how I ended up making my first ever Christmas wreath last year and I’ve just accepted an invite to a wreath making gathering this year. 

The other way to go about it is to find a really simple DIY wreath you can make. 

A wreath that still looks absolutely beautiful, but a wreath that even the hard of crafting can make! 

This is where this roundup comes in. 

I’ve done a trawl around the digital world and put together a list of great tutorials and inspiration for creating easy to make, but beautiful,  DIY Christmas wreaths. 

Take a look through the roundup and see which idea you fancy making this year. 

Get yourself a hot glue gun

You might well notice that there is a tool that keeps popping up in homemade tutorials. 

This roundup post is no different. 

The hot glue gun makes an appearance in most of them. 

With good reason to. 

Hot glue guns make craft work SO easy. 

If you don’t have one, you need to get one!

This is the hot glue gun that we have… 

Hot Glue Gun Amazon

Hot glue gun | Find out more on Amazon

Hobbycraft also has a great selection of hot glue guns

They’ve usually got some really good offers on. 

So it’s worth taking a look at the Hobbycraft site

Beautiful DIY Christmas wreath tutorials and inspiration

1. Easy DIY candy cane Christmas wreath

I love a candy cane wreath, because candy canes are so much a part of Christmas. 

Plus I love that it is super easy to make a really lovely Christmas wreath using a stack of candy canes and a hot glue gun. 

This very easy to follow tutorial is from Rose Bakes. 

Easy to make candy cane Christmas wreath tutorial

Candy cane Christmas wreath tutorial | Rose Bakes

2. Simple geometric DIY Christmas wreath

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. 

Now this beautiful wreath, by Sugar and Cloth would suit a really modern house. 


Simple geometric Christmas wreath | Sugar and Cloth 

3. Five minute pom pom Christmas wreath

Love a pom pom!!

Also love that this wreath takes five minutes to make!

Nice work by Design Improvised!


5 minute Christmas pom pom wreath tutorial | Design Improvised

4. Super simple Christmas bow wreath 

This super simple but effective wreath, by Polkadot Chair, really couldn’t be easier to make.  

Even if you are the world’s worst crafter you would have trouble messing this up!

You can stick to the colour way of the tutorial or you could mix it up by choosing a different combination of Christmas bows. 


Super simple Christmas bow wreath | Polkadot Chair

5. Three easy steps Christmas foliage wreath tutorial

You may have noticed that there isn’t a lot of foliage in this roundup so far. 

Well, that’s all about to change here. 

This is a really brilliant tutorial from craft tutorial site Craftsy

I love Craftsy because it makes craft accessible to people like me – who really aren’t very good or confident at crafting. 

This very simple wreath tutorial is on the Craftsy blog, so you don’t need to pay to do it. 

You can keep the wreath simple or you can jazz it up using any number of accessories. 

Easy Christmas wreath tutorial on Craftsy (1)

Three easy steps Christmas foliage wreath tutorial | Craftsy 

6. Easy Christmas wreath making kit 

Now this is another way to make things super easy. 

Buy a Christmas wreath making kit. 

This one is from my favourite site for buying stuff that looks like I’ve made myself!


Only difference being with this kit that you do have to do the making bit yourself. 

Etsy Christmas wreath kit

Beautiful foliage Christmas wreath making kit | Find out more over on Etsy

7. Easy Christmas wreath video tutorials

Now, if you like a video tutorial, you might like my other easy Christmas wreath roundup. 

I’ve put together five brilliant video tutorials that show you step-by-step how to make a really beautiful Christmas wreath. 

Christmas wreaths are the loveliest way to welcome Christmas into your home for the holiday season. But DIY Christmas wreath making? What if you have no time and you're just not very good at craft? Fear not. It can be easy. We've put together a how to make curation of 5 DIY Christmas wreath making video tutorials. Each tutorial features an easy to make Christmas wreath. There's a burlap wreath, a glittery pine cone wreath, a natural wreath, a Christmas bauble wreath and my favourite, a wreath made from coloured craft paper! Plan your Christmas wreath making now, with this inspirational list #ChristmasWreath

Easy Christmas wreath video tutorials roundup | Mums Make Lists 

Well I hope this post has proved useful if you’re thinking about popping your wreath making cherry this festive season. 

If it’s put you in the mood for getting your homemade Christmas on this year, I’ve got a whole bunch of other DIY homemade ideas you might like to peruse. 


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  1. I love wreaths. Thanks for a lovely collection. Your post was very popular on last week’s party and will be featured this week! It is our 100th Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and we are so excited to celebrate it with you!
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  2. Gals, you have a FABULOUS collection of wreaths to fit any home and style. Thank you so much for linking up at Wonderful Wed. Blog Hop. I featured you on my fb page and can’t wait to see what you bring next week. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

  3. I love wreaths!! I still don’t have an outdoor one for my front door, and I loved looking through your inspirations. The twiggy, woodsy ones are my favorite!
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