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Bedroom spring cleaning checklist

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This is an easy spring cleaning checklist that will help you spring clean your bedrooms quickly and easily. 


Easy bedroom spring cleaning checklist

This spring clean your bedroom checklist is part of our 1 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist, which is the ultimate checklist for deep cleaning your home in no more than one day’s worth of time. 

Of all the deep cleaning jobs, having a lovely freshly cleaned bedroom after a good spring clean has to be the most delightful end result. 


Spring cleaning bedrooms checklist

Strip bed/s

Duvets, quilts, pillows and mattress protectors absorb all sorts of body fluids. 

Therefore its REALLY important they get a thorough wash at least once a year.  

Wash whatever you can fit into your washing machine using a mild washing detergent. 

Ideally get them from the machine into a dryer. 

Top tip: Put 2 new tennis balls in clean socks in the drier with pillows and duvets to prevent the feathers from clumping.  If the feathers clump, they won’t dry and will get mildew.  

If you haven’t got a drier you have two options:

  1. Wash duvets and pillows on a really sunny day and get them out in the sun as early as possible
  2. Take them to the launderette (but if you’ve got a lot do to it could be expensive)


Clean and turn mattresses

Not all mattresses need turning these days but they definitely all need a good clean. Mattresses get drenched with all sorts throughout the year and are a haven for mites.  

If the mattress is stained make a paste with baking soda, rub it onto the stain with a microfibre cloth. 

The use a sieve to sprinkle baking soda all over the rest of the mattress.

Leave for an hour.  Then slowly vacuum up all the soda.


Wash or dry clean blankets and throws

Unfortunately, not all blankets and throws are washable, but if they are or you’re ready to take the risk, the basic guidelines are to wash on cool wool or delicates wash with a ideally a liquid specifically for wool.  

Spin and, if you’ve got a drier, dry them lightly before putting them over a large airer or four chairs to dry.  

This is another thing ideally done on a sunny day so you can get them outside to dry quickly.


Dust all surfaces

Dust all surfaces using a microfibre cloth, then polish using a microfibre glass and polish cloth where necessary. 

Get up on a ladder to dust along the top of door and window frames – dust mites can cause allergies that can disturb sleep. 


Fresh air

Nothing beats giving bedrooms a good blast of fresh air. Ideally this should happen for a few minutes each morning after the room has been slept it. But reality can mean there’s not time or its too cold to do it daily. 

So, take this opportunity to open up all the windows in the room wide and let the fresh air in. 


Clean floors

Take advantage of all the bedding being off the bed to truly get under the bed and give the carpet / rug or flooring a really good clean.

Move the bed out if you can, so you can get to the skirting boards and give the edge of the flooring a really deep clean.

Vacuum first for hard flooring, then polish with a product suitable for your flooring. 

Consider taking the opportunity to use carpet shampoo for a deep clean or spot clean the carpet / rugs with a paste made from baking soda and water. Leave the paste on for an hour, then vacuum it off. 


Wash or dry clean curtains and blinds

Curtains are usually a major investment but you can make them last if if you look after them and fend of dust and moths which are their biggest enemies.

Most curtains can be washed on a gentle cold cycle and dried at a low temperature.  

If you don’t have a drier, leave this chore for a sunny day when you can get them on the line early.

If you’re not sure the curtains are washable – and can’t face the dry cleaning bills – you can at least freshen them up.  

Simple run the upholstery attachment on your vacuum all over them to get dust out, spot clean any marks and get them an air on the line on a sunny day.  

If you’ve got fabric blinds, you could also run a lint brush over them.


Polish mirrors and insides of windows

Use a microfibre glass and polish cloth to clean and polish windows and mirrors. 

Rinse and repeat for each bedroom in your home. Then pop through to the 1 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist for links to checklists for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and living spaces.  

You can download the FREE printable 1 Day Spring Cleaning Checklist here


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