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January Sales – 20 clever things to buy

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Here’s a list of 20 things that it is very clever to buy in the January sales.

January Sales – 20 clever things to buy

It’s really worth planning ahead if you want to make some great purchases in the January Sales.

Purchased that will actually save you money throughout the year.

Random purchases, with seemingly awesome savings, may have the excitement factor.

But if you can figure out a plan of action and buy things you know you’ll actually need over the coming 12 months…

…well that’s clever January Sale shopping!

Plan your January sales shop

It does take a bit of planning, so it’s worth investing some time in it now in before the Christmas and New Year rush.

So how do you go about planning for clever sales shopping?

You need to work out what must-haves for the coming year you can get great deals on in January.

Take a look at my list below of 20 money saving suggestions.

Then do your own homework on the best products and prices.

Amazon is your great friend here, even if you are not going to shop online.

Firstly, they have their own deals listings …

But just as important, Amazon is probably the best source of reviews going.

It also offers very low prices all year round.

So you can put together a hit list of good quality products in advance.

Then also make note of products with poor reviews that you need to avoid.

Then give yourself a target price range so you know whether you’re genuinely getting a good deal.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read my January Sales Checklist below and then start putting your plan together:

20 Best Things to Buy in the Sales

1. Christmas decorations

Those gorgeous expensive decorations you had your heart set on but couldn’t afford will be going cheap as soon as Christmas is over ..

2. Christmas cards

Lots of best buys to be found and do check out Tiny Prints and Minted for brilliant deals on personalised cards …

3. Wrapping paper

You’ll get some great quality going cheap

4. Valentines Day presents

Look out for cool “toys for boys” if you’re short on original ideas for the man in your life … he’d need never know you were so, let’s say “organised” 🙂

5. Big ticket kids’ birthday presents

If you know they’ve got their heart set on scooters or bikes for example, get it in the sale.

Then hide it away somewhere even if their birthday is in June

6. Wedding presents

You might have to risk guessing what someone would like without their wedding list.

But if you’ve got a whole bunch coming up, buying in the January sales can be a real money saver.

7. Anniversary presents 

I’ll leave this one for you to be creative with, after all no-one knows your other half like you do!

8. New baby must haves 

You might not be due until later in the year.

But if you’ve got the cash, this is still going to be the best time to get a deal expensive baby must haves like strollers and car seats

9. HD TVs

New product lines will come in, in February so retailers will be clearing stock.

10. High end electronics

Again retailers will be clearing stock.

11. Furniture

A bit hit and miss.

But a good number of manufacturers will launch new products February.

So retailers will be clearing stock.

If you’ve got your heart set on a particular brand, it’s worth contacting them to find out when they launch their new products.

12. Carpet and flooring

The same as with furniture.

13. Big kitchen appliances

Lots of people buy new ovens and fridges in desperation before the holiday season.

So retailers stock up so they can do immediate delivery, but then need to clear space.

14. Bed and bathroom linens

Again people stock up before the holiday season ,so they’ve got enough for guests.

Then retailers need to clear any excess they haven’t sold.

15. Out of season electronics

For example air conditioners and fans.

16. New kitchen fittings

There won’t have the biggest discounts.

But if need to redo the kitchen you’ll still save money by buying what you can in January.

17. New bathroom fittings

Again, not the biggest discounts but if your bathroom absolutely must be replaced this year then buy the fittings in January.

18. Kids’ winter clothes a size too big

If you know they are going to need a new winter coat, boots and waterproofs next year buy them big in the January sales and store until next autumn.

19. Outdoor stuff

There are often great deals on camping and outdoor equipment as this will be retailers last chance to clear lots of old stock before new stuff comes in in spring.

20. Garden furniture

If you know you need new tables & chairs or a BBQ there are good bargains to be had especially at specialist garden retailers.

If you’re looking for more money saving bargains it’s worth checking out Amazon’s warehouse deals .., and signing up for their deals newsletter …

I hope you’ve found this post useful.

And don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter in the footer.

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Wednesday 11th of December 2013

Great tips, thanks so much!

Self Sagacity

Monday 9th of December 2013

I shop on Amazon alot, but didn't know about their deals. I will check them out.

Alice Emma Thompson

Monday 9th of December 2013

Definitely worth checking out :-)

Orli D

Sunday 8th of December 2013

I always try to get some Christmas things for next year in the sales. To be honest it's only partially about the discounts (though those are great too), and more to do with loving to discover "new" things I totally forgot about when I start organising my Christmas the following October :)Kids clothes are also always a great buy! Wonderful list :)

Alice Emma Thompson

Monday 9th of December 2013

However organised I am I always seem to manage to "forget" something ;-)