The Best Natural Cleaning Products

Best cleaning products - 3 totally brilliant natural cleaning products that get your house clean without chemicals and save you money

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Awesome Natural Cleaning Products

The best cleaning products save time.

Lots of time!

Plus if they can save you money AND the planet whilst they are it … they’re a triple whammy to really shout about!

The three best cleaning products I have in my house do just that and are the secret weapons that keep the house clean(ish) with a super simple routine in just minutes a day.

And do you know what?

They each cost less than $30.

And they’ve slashed my shopping bill because they help me cut down on expensive cleaning products & disposables.

Definitely a triple whammy 🙂

1. Micro Fiber Cloths

Once you’ve tried micro fibre cloths in your kitchen & bathroom you’ll never want to go back.

They clear up mess in seconds without the need for any cleaning products.

All those pesky crumbs and other yukky stuff that just gets wiped around by ordinary cloths are attracted to the micro fibre cloths.

They’ll also quickly save you money as they last for years and you can cut right down on paper towels, disposable cloths and cleaning sprays that cost a fortune in the weekly shop.

My absolute personal faves are e-Cloths … they really have saved me a fortune on cleaning products AND let me banish nasty chemicals from the house! … but you can also get popular versions from AmazonZwipesQuickie Home Pro and Wonder Cloths.

2. Retractable Microfibre Duster

I am secretly in love with my retractable microfibre duster … 😉

So is my mum, and even my big sister who can’t stand cleaning of any sort!

I have this completely amazing retractable one from Oxo that let’s you whizz around a whole room from base board to ceiling in minutes, collapses small enough to do shelves, ornaments and electronics AND has a flip over function so you can dust the top of cupboards.

Just a few minutes in each room with the duster each week … or fortnight 😉 … and you’ll never have to bother with dusting sprays or scrubbing to get rid of gunged up grime.

3. Stainless Steel Cloth

The stainless steel cloth from e-Cloth is nothing short of a miracle!

We have such hard water in London … AND a family incapable of putting the toothpaste lid back on! …. so the taps and shower build up lime-scale and gunk in no time.

The cloth removes it all with just a quick gentle rub. It’s also fab on all those kitchen appliances that attract greasy hand smears like magnets!

The cloth seems pricey but because of the money you save on cleaning products it’s not. You can buy the cloth on its own but it also comes in the e-cloth starter pack.

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  1. Is it bad that I’ve never used a feather duster, haha! We just use a cloth to wipe away dust… lol! Thanks for sharing and for linking up at the Weekend Wind-Down Party with us!!! God Bless!

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