Best Online Exercise Routines

Best online exercise routines ... brilliant online exercise routines to do in your own time at home, perfect for the busiest mum!

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Best online exercise routines ... brilliant online exercise routines to do in your own time at home, perfect for the busiest mum!OK, so online exercise routines are my absolute new best friend!

I mean as a mum, who has time to get to a regular class?  I still think myself lucky to get a shower on my own minus small child, never mind take 2 hours out for a class alone!

But online exercise routines I can fit around the crazy hours of motherhood.

PLUS, when I’m feeling particularly run ragged and frayed round the edges I can exercise in the privacy of my own home!

And I’ve found I really feel the benefits … both physically and mentally …  even if I only manage to sneak in 10 minutes a day.

So here are some of my absolute fave online exercise routines plus a few I’ve got my eye on to try out this year …

Our Fave Online Exercise Routines

1. Yoga Studio

I’ve been using Yoga Studio since the start of the year and I’m really loving the way you can build up a ‘Studio’ of classes based on your favourites out of the 65 on offer. You can also create your own bespoke class.

There’s classes based on ability level – beginner, intermediate and advance – and also focus – flexibility, strength, balance… the videos are clear and easy to follow.

…the only thing I would say, having done yoga on and off (ok, more off than on) for almost 20 years… I’d at least go and do a term of yoga classes with a real life instructor before doing any kind of online yoga, there’s so much that you need to understand about body alignment, it’s a life-long study in fact. But certainly, for someone who’s got a good basic understanding of yoga, Apps like Yoga Studio are brilliant.

Download it here: Yoga Studio iOS

Cost: $3.99

2. Quick Fit Seven Minute Workout App

I’ve been using the Quick Fit Seven Minute Workout App for the last six months and I’m hooked on it. It’s based on the theory that seven minutes of high intensity exercise is all you need for a great workout that gets results.

This App gets every part of your body worked out in seven minutes, what’s not to like? It’s one that I keep coming back to, because there’s really no excuse for not being able to find seven minutes to workout.

Download it here: Quick Fit Seven Minute Workout

Cost: $1.99


3. Sweaty Betty’s Ballet Bootcamp

Ballet is the cool exercise mode du jour, there are some great online ballet workouts. One of our faves is Sweaty Betty’s Ballet Bootcamp, which is part of #GetFitForFree. This workout uses easy to learn ballet moves, to add a balletic flow to a bootcamp style workout. Leg-warmers on girls!

Check out the video below…. but make sure to go to Sweaty Betty Get Fit 4 Free to do the ballet bootcamp, so you can use the music player to accompany your workout.

And as Sweaty Betty has partnered with a bunch of other top fitness experts, including Barry’s Bootcamp, you can check out a selection of other ace fitness workout videos there as well.

Do the workout here: Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp

Cost: FREE

4. Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

If you want to burn fat with interval training… then Jillian is your trainer! Her 30 Day Shred system combines strength, cardio and abs workouts to blast calories and get you shredded. Access them through the phenominal Lionsgate BeFit Channel which has a huge selection of free, great quality exercise videos from an array of top trainers.

Do the workout here: 30 Day Shred

Cost: FREE

And don’t forget to check out my post on ways to build exercise into daily life.

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  1. Love me some free Jillian! I’ve done the workout on Youtube too many times to count. Another awesome free workout resource is, a version of mostly 12ish minute targeted pilates videos with a peppy young instructor who aims to make you sore.

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