12 ways to win at Black Friday ONLINE SHOPPING

Black Friday Online Shopping Tips

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Best Black Friday ONLINE Shopping Tips

Black Friday is THE time of year for shopping deals.

Forget the summer sales, Black Friday is where it’s at. 

In fact, it’s become such a THING that Black Friday is no longer a single day, it’s a whole week – sometimes longer. 

But how to shop Black Friday successfully?

It’s SO easy to become overwhelmed. 

Well here’s how…

I’ve put together 12 tips for getting the very best out of Black Friday for you and your family. 

12 ways to win at black friday shopping

1. It’s not a day it’s a week

I mentioned it above… Black Friday deals are around for a whole week. Usually from the Sunday before Thanksgiving to the Sunday after Thanksgiving. 

Start looking for sales, price drops and one-day-only flash sales in the days leading up to Thanksgiving for brilliant deals. 

2. Stick to online

Why make it harder than it needs to be? It’s a busy time of the year. 

Use your energy for brainpower rather than elbow power and do ALL your Black Friday shopping online. 

Now I’ve had some annoying moments shopping on mobile this year, so I tend to do research on the go on mobile, but sit down to do big online shops from my laptop. 

3. Get Amazon Prime

This is the perfect time of year to sign up for the Amazon Prime 30-day trial.  

I signed up in November 2015 and I couldn’t be without it. 

I use Amazon Prime in conjunction with the Amazon App to get the most out of Black Friday on Amazon.

Alongside a whole bunch of brilliant benefits, you’ll get free shipping on a tonne of products on Amazon. This is a useful saving in itself during the holiday season. 

BUT more importantly, you’ll get to shop Amazon Black Friday Deals a full 30-minutes before everyone else. 

That’s a full 30-minutes to get your Black Friday deals ahead of the masses. 

Not an Amazon Prime member yet? You can sign up for your free 30-day trial here

4. Use Apps to win at Black Friday

Much as I stick to my laptop for big purchases, I turn to Apps to make sure I stay ahead of all the best Black Friday deals. I’ve done a quick post on my favourite Black Friday Apps. Check it out and download the Apps here

5. Home in on brands that rarely discount

Holiday season shopping starts around 1 November each year. There are plenty of deals around. Then there’s the end of season sales in January. 

But there are brands that just don’t do much discounting, until Black Friday. 

Focus on these brands. Things like digital kit and high-end accessories. 

This is how you get the bargain deal that will really make you smile. 

6. Join retailer loyalty programmes

I tend to go light on signing up for retailer loyalty programmes and email newsletters. But this is the ONE time of year it’s totally worth it. 

You can always do a new year cull. 

Sign up and get yourself the latest Black Friday news, deals and discount codes and coupons. Some of them give you early access. 

7. Buy for the year ahead

It’s easy to focus on Black Friday for Christmas gifts. 

But don’t stop there. Look at the year ahead and work out what you need / could do with. 

A bargain is always much more bonafide if it was something you needed to buy anyway. 

Stock up on birthday gifts for the year ahead. 

Vacuum cleaner need an upgrade? Snag one now!

Towels looking a bit tired… you know what to do….

Planning to decorate or do up a room in your home… that perfect bed or table could be waiting for you in the Black Friday sale. 

8. Make a list

Clearly I love a list! 

But this is one time when a list is essential for keeping you on track. 

Make a list of all the things you would like to buy. 


9. Know your prices

Get to know the best prices ahead of Black Friday for the things you want. 

Then you’ll know how much of a bargain the Black Friday deal you’re considering really is. 

If the deal isn’t that good, skip it. A better one may come up, or that particular item is something you can buy at another time. 

10. Use coupons with deals 

Make the most of Black Friday deals by using coupons – coupons you can get by signing up to loyalty programmes and newsletters, as per point 5 above. 

11. Make sure your account details are up to date

In particular your billing and delivery address. 

You don’t want that bargain going missing in the mail or taking weeks to get to you. 

So avoid the stress, update your account details with your favourite retailers ahead of Black Friday. 

12. Use incentives strategically

Lots of Black Friday deals include special promotions where you’ll get bonus points or rewards to redeem. 

Make sure you use them wisely to get the max from them. 

Use them to buy stuff that is on promotion, so you get even more of a discount. 

A quick tip – make note of any expiration dates, there’s nothing worse than missing that deadline!

So there you go, 12 tips to help you win at Black Friday online shopping. 

It really is easy to end up feeling overwhelmed.

But if you plan carefully, you really can come out a winner, with a whole bunch of bargains that have genuinely saved you money. 

Happy shopping! 

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