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The alternative way to get rid of nits – that works!

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Want to know the only nit and lice treatment method you’ll ever need? One that doesn’t involve putting nasty chemicals on your precious child’s head?

One that actually works?

Read on…

The ultimate lice and nits weaponry:

Your best weapons in the fight against a lice and nit invasion are:

  1. A good nit comb – we use the Nitty Gritty comb
  2. A tonne of conditioner – your favourite brand will do
  3. Time and patience – you supply your own 😉

The two biggest secrets you need to know…

  1. Getting rid of all live lice is a given. But you need to get rid of every, single, nit egg to truly see the back of lice for good. Nits take seven to ten days to hatch, so all it takes is to miss a couple of eggs and they’ll be back full force.
  2. You don’t need nasty chemicals to banish lice and nits. Products that claim to kill lice and nits (nits are lice eggs) don’t always work, because lice and nits are becoming immune to them. We have real life experience of this…

Here’s our lice and nits battle story:

Our first encounter with nits was on a family holiday with friends. We arrived at the holiday house first. Our friends arrived second and so did the surprise extra guests.

The lice had appeared at our friends’ house the day before the holiday. My friend had diligently done a treatment and thought it was job done. It wasn’t.

Within 24h we were all itching our heads. Clever old me went and bought boxes of a super chemical treatment that claimed to kill live lice AND nits.

Treatment applied, nit combs used. Job done this time? Turns out not. It kept them at bay for a few days. But a week later they were causing havoc again full force.

It took a third encounter for me to realise we needed to change tac.

This time I used a nit comb and shed loads of conditioner. Oh and several hours of my time and unerring patience on the part of me… and M.

What we did to say goodbye lice and nits…

  • Wash hair
  • Slather on conditioner
  • Diligently comb through hair section by section with conditioner still on – it takes a good hour done properly on mid-length hair.
  • Religiously repeat the process for several days, until you’re sure that there isn’t a single nit left. Then after a week repeat the process again, just in case.

Other important things to do are to put any clothes worn on the day of the discovery out for the wash and also change the bed linen, lice can only live for 24 hours off a host head, but that could be all the time they need to get snuggled back on yours or your kiddos hair.

Job finally done.

You can buy the Nitty Gritty comb from Amazon UK / Amazon USA.

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