Essential Natural Cleaning Products

Declutter your cleaning cupboard

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Maybe, it’s just me who is a complete sucker for cleaning stuff, but I suspect I’m not alone … go on, I challenge you, count all the products you’ve got … hmmm, I thought so 😉

I guess we fall for these products because most of us suck at cleaning.

But, something had to change and I have SLASHED the 25 right down.

AND what a result!!!

With the help of 7 low cost natural cleaning products I cut out 20 other products!!

That’s a whole load of money AND space saved.

So here’s my take on what you do and don’t need and how to combine the 7 super essentials easily to tackle just about EVERY cleaning job in the house.

7 Essential Natural Cleaning Products

These seven are my war horses that let me declutter AND save money!

If you can’t find them locally in bulk, you can get them on Amazon.

If you haven’t used micro fibre cloths before I totally recommend e-Cloths – they clean … AND kill bacteria … super quickly with just water.

Which means you’ll save even MORE money in the long run!


What You Need for Each Cleaning Job

Cleaning Product Keep? Replace With
Anti-Bacterial Spray N Micro-fibre cloths, vinegar, hot soapy water
Cream Cleaner N Paste of baking soda & water
Lime Scale Remover N Vinegar, lemon juice
Oven Cleaner N Baking soda or cream of tartar & water, mix to paste + leave overnight
Scrape off with spatula. Then wipe with microfibre
Stove Cleaner N Micro fibre stove scrubber
Or paste of cream of tartar & water
Wood Polish Spray N Equal parts olive oil & water with squeeze of lemon
Dusting Spray N 1/2 tspoon olive oil, 1 cup vinegar, 3 cups of water
Floor Soap N Equal parts white vinegar & warm water
Quick Floor Cleaner N Micro-fibre mop
Glass & Mirror Cleaner N Vinegar & micro fibre cloth
Clothes Detergent Y

You can make your own from grated soap, washing soda, baking soda, salt & citric acid … the fab Jessi from Practically Functional has a recipe.

I am just not there yet …

Fabric Conditioner Y

Vinegar in the rinse cycle. Or half a cup of a solution 6 parts vinegar to 1 part baking soda.

I am still using fabric conditioner but very, very little per wash & everything is much less crusty!!

Stain Removers N A stain removal kit of dish washing liquid, baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and surgical spirit (or vodka!) will tackle almost all stains
Toilet Cleaner N 1/4 of a cup of citric acid & same of baking soda
Dish Washing Liquid Y

Hot soapy water is brilliant for getting rid of all sorts of germs. And dish washing liquid is great on stains.

But check the chemicals in your brand … Google them … and you might want to go greener.

Eco Me gets the highest A rating from the Environmental Working Group

Dish Washer Tablets Y

You can replace with a mixture of 1 cup of washing soda and 1/4 cups of citric acid & coarse salt as per this recipe from My Healthy Green Family

Make your own washing soda by baking a baking tray of baking soda at 400f / 200c

Rinse Aid N Put vinegar in the rinse compartment
Anti-bacterial soap Y

Yes you need to buy soap but it doesn’t need to be anti-bacterial. Ordinary soap just as effective.

Unnecessary use of anti-bacterial soap may contribute to rise of super bugs.

Anti-bacterial gel Y As a mum, I think you need this when you’re out + a long way from soap + water. Accidents happen!!
Hand stain remover N Get dried paint off your hands by rubbing them with oil, lots of hand lotion or butter (!) + wash well.
Drain Unblocker N 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by cups of vinegar & hot water. Leave then rinse with boiling water
De-scaler N Boil 3/4 full kettle. Add 1/5 cup of citric acid. When stops bubbling rinse thoroughly with cold water.
Ant powder N Boiling water on nest. Vinegar. Baking soda.
Fly & wasp spray N Spray with hot water and dish soap
Moth sachets N Sachets of dried mint, rosemary, lavender & cloves will repel moths
Grout Cleaner N Solution of 2 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide sprayed on & scrubbed with tooth brush

I do hope this helps you cut down on your cleaning clutter.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this on MMM link up this week! This is such a great list!! I am printing it out so I can remember all of them! I shared this today on Adventures in Mindful Livings FB page and my own personal one.Have a great week!

  2. Alice, this is such a great list- and I LOVE the substitution chart you provided! Thank you for sharing this at Treasure Box Tuesday- pinning! 🙂

  3. Certainly worth noting! It’s easy to be confused with what to start with in cleaning; different products and appliance jockeying for your attention with its guaranteed stainless and ‘100%’s. It’s important to know the fundamentals with their respective purpose, far as these are concerned, then upgrade from there.

    Leonard Brush & Chemical

  4. What a great round up of cleaning supplies! This is interesting information…now I want to go count how many I have!

    Thanks for sharing at our Weekend Wind-Down Party! =)

    1. Just want to let you know that I am featuring this link on our Weekend Wind-Down party Friday night at 6pm! I hope you’ll come grab our feature button and link up some new posts. =)

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